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Autism - theories and possibilities

There have been many theories about the causes and 'cures' of autism, none of which are accepted by all the people involved. There is a group who believe that the apparently increasing incidence of autism is due to vaccinations, and within that group there are many who are convinced that mercury, which they allege is added to the vaccine as a preservative, is responsible for brain damage, which in a few cases causes autism.

In any research it is often difficult to establish a cause of the effect that is being observed. Frequently there may be multiple causes and the effects of any cause may vary. This is especially true when investigating human illnesses because every person is unique. This often leads to the confusion of a correlation with a cause and effect. Very often a correlation may be misinterpreted as a cause and effect with the result that needless medication is administered or treatments are considered to be effective when in fact they are not.

In the case of autism, it has been found that many children who develop autism have mercury in their bodies. The 'normal' amount of heavy metals, including mercury, found in human tissue has been increasing due to many factors, including the increase in the level of these toxins in sea water due to industrial discharges, allowing them to enter the human food chain and increase their concentration in humans. If that was the cause of autism, we should all be autistic. That we are not has been thought to be due to the differing tolerance individuals have to the levels of heavy metals present. There is also the possibility that some people lack a particular gene which facilitates the excretion of mercury and other heavy metals, raising the possibility that autism may have a genetic cause and hence possibly a genetic remedy.

The theory that vaccinations cause autism is based upon the identification of mercury in children who have been vaccinated and have subsequently been diagnosed as autistic. This is an observed correlation but has not been proven to be a cause and effect relationship. Nor has it been shown that the levels of mercury found in autistic children have been greater than those found in the general population, or that the autistic children show a lower tolerance to mercury than those in the general population.

Naturopathic treatment of some autistic children to reduce levels of mercury has had limited success in some cases, but has certainly not helped in all cases, as could have been expected if there was a definite cause and effect relationship. So while mercury toxicity is a possible cause, maybe there are other causes that have been overlooked until now. It is also possible that symptoms of autism are only one of many ways in which these causes may manifest themselves.

At the spiritual level, we are all one and therefore when we are close together we can sense the energy of others and maybe take this on board as our own energy. Many people will have experienced the uplifting feeling of a very positive, happy and outgoing person raising the spirits of a whole group of people. Conversely, interacting with a person who is very negative may have had the effect of lowering your spirits and you may have come away from that encounter feeling tired, possibly anxious, maybe even angry that the person's negative energy has been able to influence your own feelings. Imagine spending nine months being physically inside such a negative person!

Every baby spends approximately that length of time inside its mother. Is it not possible that a baby can pick up suppressed emotions from its mother prior to its birth? Certainly in the Journey processes I have facilitated, many people find that they have very deep negative memories of their time during gestation, and that these memories have had negative influences on their lives. If the mother had a relatively traumatic life and was carrying repressed negative emotions during pregnancy, it is very likely that these repressed emotions could negatively affect the unborn child. And if they did, this could perhaps increase the sensitivity of that child to manifest adverse reactions to other traumas, such as vaccination.

A case I worked with as a Journey practitioner involved a family whose two children, aged 5 and 6, had been diagnosed as autistic. Both had been treated naturopathically for mercury by two practitioners with no apparent change in their behaviour. As these practitioners had each successfully used these treatments on other children who had been diagnosed with autism, it would appear that mercury was not the cause of the autism in this case. Yet the children had each developed their autistic symptoms immediately after their childhood vaccinations at 3 months of age.

There is a part in each of us that protects us at a deeply subconscious level. This could be called the 'guardian part' which allows us to operate instinctively, to sense danger and to react to that danger, and to generate responses when we feel emotions, all subconsciously and without us having to do anything at a conscious level. At times this part operates in a way that is dysfunctional due to having chosen inappropriate reactions to certain stimuli, e.g. it may cause us to indulge in addictive behaviour (like drug use) as a result of feeling lonely, unhappy or uncertain. As we are not consciously aware of this part operating, we cannot consciously reprogramme this part. However, there is a short Journey process that enables this guardian part to reprogramme itself and select healthier, more appropriate responses to stimuli.

My original theory was that the guardian part of each of these children had reacted to the mercury in the vaccine by creating a blockage in the brain to protect each child's body. This blockage prevented normal development. However, in hindsight, this appeared improbable as I would have expected there to be a reaction to the removal of the mercury by the naturopathic processes, and this apparently did not occur.

In the case of these children when they were vaccinated they were being held by their mother. Their mother commented to me that she was very upset at the time, she had heard that there were possibly complications with vaccinations and had already experienced these with her first child when she had her seoond child vaccinated. She told me that she felt very strong pressure from the medical fraternity to have her children vaccinated, and was doing this against her better judgement. She was therefore in a state of emotional turmoil, which she easily transferred to her child as she held him for vaccination. The pain of the needle jab was able to fix this trauma in the baby, just as tapping is used in some therapies to fix particular desirable responses into a person's subconscious.

As part of the family therapy, I facilitated a Journey process with the mother of these autistic children and found that there were many very deep-seated and very negative memories of traumatic events in her life. These memories had affected all aspects of her life, preventing her from achieving her dreams and ambitions, and holding her continually in negative behaviour and thought patterns. She was able to completely clear out these old memories, allowing herself to really experience the freedom of living fully.

Therefore, both her children had the opportunity to pick up their mother's very negative emotions from the time of conception to birth, had been treated to another dose of these and even greater negative emotions at the time of vaccination, and had these emotions all cemented in place by the physical trauma of the needle jab. So how would a guardian part respond? Total shutdown! The result is what doctors call autism.

The older child is extremely active and there was no real possiblility of conducting a Journey process of any type with him because he would not sit still for a long enough time (he has been diagnosed as ADHD as well as autistic). Therefore, towards the end of the mother's Journey process I asked the mother to merge herself spiritually with her older son (who was an hour's drive away) and she was able to do this easily. I then performed a short process through the mother with her son to enable his guardian part to reprogramme itself to respond in a more healthy manner.

I spoke with the mother a week later and was told that the older son had totally changed. Whereas prior to the mother's Journey process he would spend several minutes examining a stick and was totally non-curious about anything (like the 3 month old baby he was when he was vaccinated), he was now into everything, opening cupboards, climbing on benches, getting into anything he could. He was acting just like a normal two year old. Could it be that the guardian part had allowed normal childhood development to restart, and that this development was proceeding at an accelerated pace? Unfortunately I lost contact with this family as they have moved overseas.

At a more spiritual level, it is believed by many people that we each choose our life's path and purpose before we come into this lifetime. Perhaps some people choose to assist a particular person who they perceive as 'stuck' in their own lifetime, and just maybe there is some karmic debt associated with this decision to help. In that case, it is possible that a person would choose to be born autistic or to develop autism at a young age for the sole purpose of providing incentive and a process for a parent to heal their own issues. This could have occurred in the above case, and it also could have occurred in the true story of an autistic child which is portrayed in the movie "After Thomas". In both those situations both the mother and the autistic child healed together. Perhaps only once this part of the child's mission is accomplished, can he then heal from the autistic behaviour.

Whatever theories are developed or believed, certainly The Journey and ThetaHealing™ are beneficial therapies in treating families who have members who have been diagnosed as autistic.

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