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ThetaHealing™ Courses

I am no longer offering ThetaHealing™ courses.

The courses which I did offer were the Basic and Advanced DNA courses and the Abundance course. If you wish to contact me I am able to direct you to ThetaHealing™ teachers who I recommend to teach these and other ThetaHealing™ courses.

For your information I have outlined the contents of the Basic and Advanced DNA courses below. As these are standard courses, the content taught by any ThetaHealing™ teacher will be very similar to that outlined.

Basic DNA ThetaHealing™ Course:

Thetahealing™ Practitioners Certificate Course

This course introduces you to the basic techniques for healing yourself and others. It combines theory sessions with a large proportion of practical, hands-on healing which provides ample opportunity for you to practice and develop your healing abilities.

Anyone is able to learn these techniques. You do not have to have any 'special abilities'.

During the course you will learn how to:
• Connect to the Creator
• Carry out body scans using Theta
• Identify and change beliefs on core, genetic, history and soul levels
• Download positive feelings
• Undertake genetic reprogramming
• Connect to guardian angels
• Carry out future readings and healings
• Separate your energy from that of others
.... and much, much more.

In addition to learning these techniques, you will also experience healing changes on all levels which will enable you to make positive changes to your life.

Advanced DNA ThetaHealing™ Course:

Thetahealing™ Practitioners Certificate Course

This Advanced DNA Thetahealing™ course teaches you about the 7 Planes of Existence and the beliefs that are held on each Plane. You will learn how to work with these planes, explore the impact on your life of holding onto beliefs in each plane and experience the ease with which these limiting beliefs can be changed. You will also experience positive feelings, which you may never have felt before, downloaded from the Creator.

During the course you will:
• Understand each Plane and the opportunities and limitations of healing from there
• Practise and expand your healing abilities from the 7th Plane
• Receive downloads to heal your life from the Creator
• Learn how to heal the broken soul and practise this healing process
• Learn how to send love to the baby in the womb, healing aspects of people that they have brought into this life
• Meet with your ancestors
.... and much more.

Like the Basic course, this Advanced course consists largely of practical, hands-on healing, allowing you to further practice and enhance your healing abilities.

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