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alan_ willoughby Since I completed my Permaculture Design Certificate in 1993 I have taught permaculture design at polytechnic and have assisted many people on their permaculture blocks. I have used permacultural principles on both the residential properties I have lived on in Tauranga since then. Many of the fruit trees on our current property will be bearing their first fruit this summer.

I have found the greatest advantage in permaculture is that it does not require constant attention, and our previous garden and fruit trees were still producing food after several years of almost total neglect.

I have an M.Sc. degree in Earth Science which is of particular relevance for permaculture in areas of soil properties, and weathering and erosion processes, especially in coastal areas at this time of possible climate and sea level change.

One of my particular permacultural dreams is to assist in the design and establishment of community permaculture gardens - not the type where you walk on mown grass and admire the flowers, but the type where families in the community have plots to grow food and where there are community fruit trees where food can be collected in season. I firmly believe that this will help people, especially children, to return to the ideal of growing their own healthy food cheaply, and show them that food does not have to come from a supermarket. I would really like to hear from people who share this dream.

If you have any questions about permaculture or about anything on this site, please contact me. If I can help you design your dream permaculture garden then I look forward to hearing from you also.

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