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The following links to sites discussing topics relevant to permaculture may be of interest or of use to you. If you know of sites which could be included here, please email me at .
This site contains a comprehensive range of material dealing with permaculture and, in the main section of the site, with a wide range or related topics particularly regarding peak oil.
This is thw website of Permaculture in New Zealand and provides links to permaculturalists throughout New Zealand who run courses, operate design services or who can be of general assistance to people who want information about permaculture in New Zealand.
A particularly interesting article from the Global Public Media site describing how Cuba survived peak oil by the use of permaculture.
This is the home page of an organisation which provides information and resources about transition towns. Included on their site is a 12 step set of guidelines for those who wish to instigate transition town concepts in their community.
This is the home page of a site dealing with 'green' matters run by Kat Gawlik. Kat has made a YouTube video of me talking about permaculture and my permaculture residential section. This YouTube movie can be viewed here.

More sites will be added as they come to light. Remember you can also find a huge number of permaculture sites by Googling permaculture.

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