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Permaculture Designz is established to help you to gain an understanding of:
What permaculture is.
How permaculture can help you.
Practical ways to use permaculture.
I am always interested in hearing from people who are using permaculture and am very willing to discuss ideas and challenges by phone or email. There is no charge for this service.

Permaculture Designz provides permacultural consultation which includes a custom design and advisory service involving a visit to your piece of land, a report providing as much detail as you require and resources to assist you to incorporate innovative features into your design. A follow-up service is available so that you can continue to receive advice as your plantings develop.

On this website you will find, among other things, a basic course in permaculture which includes the philosophies, ethics, theory and practical steps you can take to start producing your own healthy food at home.

At this time in the history of planet Earth, there is much interest in such concepts as:
Peak oil - that point at which the amount of oil being produced starts to decline while the demand for oil continues to increase.
Food security - the concept of growing locally to reduce dependence on oil for transportation of food.
Water conservation - using roof water and reusing grey water to conserve fresh water in a time of global warming and changes in rainfall patterns.
Reduction of energy use - using renewable sources (e.g. sunlight and wind) for generating electricity and heating water to reduce reliance on oil for electricity production.
Transition towns - towns and communities which are gearing themselves up to better cope with a lack of transportation fuels for motor vehicles.
Permaculture links provides useful links to sites which discuss and provide resources for helping you to develop these concepts in your own community. In this way you can be the change you wish to see.

If you have any questions or comments about permaculture or any of the above topics, or if you wish to discuss permaculture design for your property please contact me at

Custom permaculture designs to suit your needs

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