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DNA Discoveries 1

Your body cells replace themselves continuously – that is why cuts heal. Recent genetic research has shown that when you suffer any physical, emotional or mental trauma the memory of this is stored in your body cells. Those stored memories then programme your body so that it is more likely to repeat those same traumatic events. When your body replaces the cells containing these memories, the new cells are exact copies and therefore still retain the memories of the old cells.

The negative cell memories which remain in your body may cause physical illness, emotional dysfunction, relationship problems, learning difficulties, and may limit you in all areas of your life. Not only that, but these stored cell memories can alter your DNA. This means that you can pass on these negative cell memories to your children! It also means that you may have inherited negative cell memories from your parents.

The following three astonishing experiments with DNA prove that DNA has the possibility of healing itself according to the "feelings" of the individual. In his recent programme entitled Healing Hearts - Healing Nations: The Science of Peace and the Power of Prayer, Gregg Braden (who was a scientist and an engineer) discussed how in the past we lost huge amounts of information from ancient spiritual traditions (e.g. when the library at Alexandria burned we lost at least 532,000 documents), and that there may have been information in those traditions which could help us understand some of the mysteries of science. To this end he reported on three very interesting experiments.

Experiment 1:

In this experiment, Dr Vladimir Popon, a quantum biologist, first created a vacuum in a container so that the only things left in it were light photons. He measured the distribution (location) of the photons and found that they were completely randomly distributed, as was expected. He then placed some DNA in the container and remeasured the photon distribution. This time the photons were lined up in an ordered way, and aligned with the DNA. In other words, the DNA had a physical affect on the photons. After that the DNA was removed from the container and the distribution of photons was remeasured. The photons remained ordered and lined up with where the DNA had been. Gregg Braden concludes that we are forced to accept the possibility that some new field or web of energy is present and the DNA is communicating with the photons through this energy.

Experiment 2:

This was done by the military. Leukocytes (white blood cells) were collected from donors for DNA and were placed in chambers so that electrical changes could be measured. The donor was placed in a room and subjected to "emotional stimulation" consisting of video clips which generated differing emotions in the donor. The DNA was placed in a different room in the same building. Both the donor and his DNA were monitored. As the donor exhibited emotional peaks and valleys, as measured by electrical responses, the DNA exhibited the identical responses at exactly the same time. There was no lag or transmission time. To ascertain how far apart this phenomenon would operate, the military separated the donor and his DNA by increasing distances, stopping when they reached 50 miles apart. The responses of the DNA at that distance were exactly the same, and still occurred at exactly the same time with no lag or transmission time. Gregg Bradon says that this means that living cells communicate through a previously unrecognised form of energy which is not affected by time or distance. He considers that this is a form of energy which already exists everywhere, all the time.

Experiment 3:

The third experiment was conducted by the Institute of Heart Math and was reported in a paper entitled Local and Non-Local Effects of Coherent Heart Frequencies on Conformational Changes of DNA. It relates to the recent anthrax situations. Human placenta DNA (the most pristine form of DNA) was placed in containers in which it was possible to measure changes in the DNA. Twenty eight vials of DNA were given, one each, to 28 researchers, each of whom had been trained to generate and feel strong emotions. It was discovered that the DNA changed its shape according to the feelings of the researchers. When the researchers felt gratitude, love and appreciation, the DNA responded by relaxing, the strands unwound and the DNA became longer. When the researchers felt anger, fear, frustration and stress, the DNA responded by tightening up, becoming shorter and many of the DNA codes were switched off. So if you have ever felt wound up or shut down by negative emotions you will know that your body was like that also.

This experiment was followed up by testing HIV-positive patients. It was discovered that feelings of love, gratitude and appreciation created 300,000 times the resistance they had without those feelings. So no matter what dreadful virus or bacteria may be floating around, you can increase your resistance to it by staying in feelings of joy, love, gratitude and appreciation. It was found that these emotional changes went beyond the scope of electromagnetics, and that individuals trained in deep love were able to change the shape of their DNA, which Gregg Braden interprets as an illustration of a new form of energy that connects all of creation. This energy appears to be a tightly-woven web that connects all matter and can be influenced by our own vibration.

In The Isaiah Effect, Gregg explains that time is not linear but has depth as well. This depth consists of all the possible prayers and timelines that could ever be prayed or exist. Essentially, all our prayers have already been answered; we simply choose which ones to activate by selecting our own emotions. This is how we create our own reality - we choose it with our feelings. The Law of the Universe is that we attract what we focus on. If you focus on fear of whatever may come, you are sending a message to the Universe to send you what you fear. If you feel joy, love, appreciation and gratitude and focus on bringing more of those into your life, you will automatically avoid the negative stuff. You will be choosing a different timeline with your feelings.

So what is happening with newspaper headlines about the inevitability of avian 'flu' and the necessity of being vaccinated against it? This seems to be an effort on the part of the media and probably those who stand to gain from the sale of vaccine (which is said to be ineffective anyway) to generate feelings of fear of the disease - the very feelings that have been shown to make people more susceptible to the disease. The most effective way to prevent the disease is to continue to have feelings of love, gratitude and appreciation in every now that you have.

Another very important aspect to remember is that you can only move towards something, not away from it. This is important in the use of language also. So, for example, a person will remember something far better if told to remember it rather than "don't forget" it - the mind and body only hear the "forget" in the latter case, so the body does just that. Similarly, when correcting children verbally, tell them what you want them to do instead of "Don't do that". Any "don't do" statement will reinforce the child doing just that.

The body is always listening so be very careful what you say and think. For example, if you are trying to reduce your weight and have been successful, if you think and say "I've lost 5kg" then your body will be saying - "Oh, she's lost something - I'd better go and find it." So it does - it finds the 5kg that you have lost and probably a couple of extra for good measure. No wonder so many people have trouble with obesity!

Your body also remembers any vows you made despite these now being outdated and damaging. For example, a second marriage can be ruined because your body remembers the vow that you made when you married your first spouse. Vows may not necessarily be made formally, but could be as simple as saying that you will do something again, and then finding it difficult in later life to do something that would be very beneficial but that once gave you a bad experience. These unhealthy vows can be easily removed and replaced with healthy, relevant vows to help you live a better, fuller life now.

Addictions and phobias are also very easy to remove or change to healthier behaviours. Smoking, alcohol and drug addictions and phobias to water, adventure, creepy-crawlies and heights are examples of addictions and phobias that can be easily overcome by the Journey therapy.

Learning requires the opening of new linkages within the mind. If DNA and cell receptors are closed, the learner has a "closed mind" and is unable to form the linkages and store the memories required for learning to take place. It is pointless simply reteaching the topic - repeating the message is no use if the phone lines are broken. A Journey process can open the cell receptors and DNA, clearing out the negative memories that are causing the learning difficulties, and enable the learner to learn quickly and thoroughly. The extra advantages of this are that the learner is frequently a lot happier and exhibits far more positive behaviour after the Journey process.

There are documented cases of the healing being offered having cured chronic illnesses including cancer, paralysis, asthma, eczema, allergies, ME, CFS, arthritis, fibromyalgia and a wide variety of other common aliments. It can rejuvenate your body, invigorate your life and reform your relationships.

The healing offered by the Lovelight Holistic Health Clinic enables you to change your negative cell memories and reprogramme your body for health and vitality. You and your loved ones can lose negative and destructive traits, like anger, procrastination, phobias, addictions and learning difficulties, and replace them with healthy, positive traits to become really energetic, healthy and successful.
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