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Sport and Fitness

For many people, sport and fitness are major factors in the enjoyment of life. Whether you are a professional sportsperson, a competitive bodybuilder, or just enjoy going for a run occasionally or strolling around the golf course working on you swing, you are probably striving to improve your performance, to obtain better results for the same or less effort. Or you may be like a 13 year old client of mine who drives a mini-stock car at speedway. After having a crash in which her car rolled in mid-air 4 times, she lost her confidence and courage on the track.

The Journey and ThetaHealing™ are ideal ways to help you achieve your highest goals sooner than you could otherwise. They will not replace practice, will not replace effort, will not allow you to run and win a marathon after a year of no training. What it will do is allow you to clear out the blockages and change the beliefs that limit your performance and your achievements. For example, at one stage running a four minute mile was looked upon as being almost impossible, until it was achieved. Climbing Mount Everest was considered to be an impossibility until two climbers reached the summit and returned to tell the tale. In each of these successes, the limitation was not only the physical challenge, but also the mental barrier and beliefs that had been put in place by a large number of people that these goals were impossible, so for them they were. When you are undertaking your sport, you may find yourself having "I can't go on" or "It's not worth it - just stop" types of thoughts. Or, like my racing driver client, you may back off from situations which are similar to those which have caused pain in the past. Every time she was in a situation where there was a car on each side, she would drop back to avoid a situation which was the same as that which caused her crash. The Journey can allow you to focus clearly on the goals you have set so that these limiting thoughts just do not arise.

So what have you told yourself about your maximum possible achievement? What limitations have you consciously or unconsciously placed upon your performance? What deep-down beliefs do you hold that prevent you from excelling? Removal of these mental blockages and limitations will allow you to achieve at a far greater level than you have previously thought possible. A half hour Journey process with the racing driver was all it took to have her back in contention on the track again. Whereas after her crash she could start at the front and end at the back and would avoid all contact with other cars, sfter the Journey she was finishing well up in the field and was driving with confidence and courage, and was enjoying her driving again. When a situation arose which was similar to the one which caused her crash, she would either stay there contesting that place, speed up to pass the other cars or give a wiggle to push the adjacent cars away sideways!

In addition, these therapies work at the physical level. Your performance relies upon your body functioning at its highest possible efficiency and effectiveness. Your blood needs to collect oxygen from your lungs, carry it around your body, and collect and deliver waste products rapidly to allow your muscles to operate at maximum power, maybe for long periods of time. Your heart may need to work at near maximum efficiency for extended periods. You need to build stamina and strength to succeed. Physical and emotional traumas may be stored in your organs and may prevent them from operating at peak performance. Muscles may get tired or you may get short of breath. To my knowledge, the Journey is the best way to remove these stored emotions, leaving your organs clean and clear to operate at maximum efficiency.

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