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How healthy are you really?

Health is not simply absence of disease, nor are you necessarily healthy if you have no diagnosed illness. Health is the result of living in a manner which allows your body, mind and soul to operate effectively and efficiently as an integrated whole. You are not just a body – in fact, your body can be viewed as simply the form you take during this lifetime. You are a far more enduring being than just your body, or even than your body and mind combined.
So take this quiz to find out how healthy you are and whether some of your current life practices could be changed to improve your longterm health.

Disclaimer: This health quiz does not and does not purport to diagnose any disease or illness condition. If you are concerned about your health you should consult your health professional or practitioner in the specialist modality of your choice.

a. Write your answers on a piece of paper (sorry, no on-line scoring – yet.)
b. Score your answers according to the following system:

6 – Strongly agree
4 – Agree
3 – Neither agree nor disagree
2 – Disagree
0 – Strongly disagree

Section 1: Body
1. I very rarely suffer from pain, and if I do it is the result of injuring myself.
2. I am able to walk up a flight of 20 steps reasonably quickly without puffing.
3. I undertake moderate exercise for about an hour 3-4 times a week, or my work gives me an equivalent amount of exercise.
4. I feel very positively about my body, I am pleased with the way it functions and think that it serves me well.
5. I have no chronic physical health problems that I know of at present.
6. Neither my parents nor grandparents have or had any chronic serious illnesses or diseases during their lives.
7. I am within 10% of my recommended body weight.
8. I rarely have to take time off due to illness, diseases or injuries.
9. I do not suffer from any skin or other allergies, or eczema.
10. I feel pleased that my hearing and sight are as sharp as they are.

Section 2: Mind
1. I take time several times a day to allow my thoughts to become peaceful and to just be.
2. I can usually remember what I need to remember when I need to remember it.
3. If I don’t remember something, I remain calm about it and the memory often comes a short time later.
4. My thoughts are generally sequential and ordered.
5. I easily think of the steps needed to complete a complex task.
6. If I make a mistake, I accept this calmly without ‘beating myself up’ mentally about it.
7. I rarely worry about things I have done in the past or possible future disasters.
8. If other people say or do things I don’t like, I forget them quickly and do not hold any grudges against them.
9. I am rarely confused about facts, events or courses of action.
10. I can remember the story in a book that I am reading between reading sessions.

Section 3: Soul
1. I meditate frequently and like to do this every day.
2. I feel that I have angels or guides helping me do things in my life.
3. I feel that I am quite spiritual and can often sense things before they happen.
4. I listen to that still, small voice inside me and often take its advice.
5. I frequently ask for what I need from the Universe and express gratitude to the Universe for the gifts in my life.
6. I believe that my soul has had many lifetimes before now and will have many more lifetimes in the future.  
7. If someone does something that I feel detrimentally affects me, I can forgive that person quickly, easily and completely.
8. If I do something which detrimentally affects another, I freely admit the fault and apologise.
9. I am happy to give love to and receive love from other people.
10. I believe that there is some form of a higher power, God, Grace or Source.

Section 4: Nutrition
1. I eat moderate amounts of good quality, nutritious food.
2. I eat takeaway type food once a week or less.
3. I eat saturated fats in moderation.
4. I prefer to use butter rather than margarine or other spreads made from hydrogenated vegetable oils.
5. I use dairy products in moderation.
6. I try to eat less than 3 teaspoonfuls of sugar per day from all sources (cookies, cakes, drinks, etc included).
7. If I use milk, I use whole, full cream milk instead of homogenised or low fat types of milk (if you never use milk score 4).
8. Whenever I have the choice, I prefer to eat natural, whole, organic foods rather than processed foods, and do not eat genetically modified food.
9. I avoid caffeine from coffee, tea or caffeinated drinks as much as possible, limiting myself to one cup/glass or less of these per day.
10. When I eat, I eat consciously, remaining aware that I should eat moderately and slowly.

Section 5: Living habits
1. I try to expose myself to the sunshine in moderation (not to the stage of being burnt even if no sunscreen is used).
2. I do not smoke and avoid places where people do smoke.
3. I drink alcohol moderately (1 standard drink per day or less).
4. I avoid using toxic garden or household sprays of any type.
5. I enjoy healthy, appropriate relationships with members of both sexes.
6. I spend quality time with my loved ones and/or pets daily.
7. I have at least one hobby which I enjoy, and spend some time at it at least once each week (watching tv is not counted as a hobby!).
8. I consider that I have a good work-life balance.
9. I am able to go away for a holiday of at least a week at least once per year.
10. I play an active sport at least once per week.

Section 6: Additives
1. I use aromatherapy oils on my skin instead of creams and lotions containing numerous chemicals.
2. I use natural skin care and washing products free from preservatives, laurel sulphates, propyl compounds and parabens (and other unpronounceable nasties).
3. I read the labels on food, drink and skin care products and avoid those with known harmful additives and colourings.
4. I am aware of and have access to a decoding guide to allow me to decode the additive numbers on products.
5. I live and work in an area where the air is clean and unpolluted.
6. I drink filtered (not distilled, not bottled, not chlorinated or fluoridated) water.
7. I bath or shower in filtered or non-chlorinated water.
8. I prefer natural medical products and methods rather than chemical or pharmaceutical products for treating any health problems.
9. I am very fussy about what goes into my body and ask as many questions as I think are necessary before agreeing to take or be injected with any substance.
10. I avoid any sort of recreational drugs and avoid places where they may be administered without my consent.

1. Write down the totals for each section. Maximum score in each section is 60.
2. Add up the scores for each section to obtain a total out of 360.

This quiz is a guide for you regarding areas in which you could improve your health. IT IS NOT A DEFINITIVE STATEMENT THAT YOU ARE EITHER HEALTHY OR UNHEALTHY AND MUST NOT BE USED AS SUCH. The scores for each section can give some indication of where you have the greatest potential to improve your health. Please note that the basis of the questions and scoring for the questions is the current state of knowledge of the effects of food and other products on our health. Further research may increase the number of products which could be construed to be harmful (it is unlikely that any which are currently considered harmful will be found to be safe).

So what can you do if you have assessed yourself as being less healthy than you would like in any particular area? Firstly, remember that all parts of you are linked - an improvement to the body may well improve your mind and vice versa; improved nutrition and removal of additives, with or without an improvement of lifestyle, will almost certainly improve your body and mental health. Improving the health of your soul will also have flow-on effects to your body and mind.

The easiest way to improve your health is to look on questions in which you state a preference or have a choice as being affirmations of health. If you do what the question asks, then you are likely to become healthier.

Difficulties can arise with the soul and, to a lesser extent, the mind. In both these areas there are intangible factors which you need to alter in order to improve the health of these areas. One way of doing this is by reading relevant books, and I would recommend browsing the Pathfinder Bookshop website to find books which can promote spiritual and mental health.

Another very beneficial way to improve the health of your mind and soul is to take a Journey, which will allow you to clear out blockages and integrate your whole self – body, mind and soul – to allow you to achieve what you want in life. It has also been shown that many illnesses and chronic pain felt in the body are caused by these blockages, so that a Journey may be all that is needed to free yourself from physical pain as well. If you wish to discuss this, please .

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There are many other sources of real health information - do not believe those who are simply pushing a product, and be aware of who funds 'scientific' research into health products and food. There is a great deal of misinformation out there.

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