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Weight reduction

Obesity is very much an 'in' topic at present, with magazine articles, a huge number of books, television advertising and a wide range of diets and products all claiming to provide 'foolproof' ways for you to 'lose weight', 'regain a slim, youthful figure' and to generally achieve whatever goals you may care to dream up about your body shape, regardless of how unrealistic or unhealthy these may be in reality.

Let us examine some of the reasons why you may not achieve your weight reduction goals:
1. Many people have unrealistic goals for their body shape based on pictures of anorexic models and screen stars.
2. Natural, unprocessed, nutritious food is becoming less common with a corresponding increase in processed, nutrient-depleted 'convenience' food.
3. Many of us are busier than ever before and have poor eating and exercising habits.
4. Many people are totally confused about fats, carbohydrates, diets and how food is used and stored in the body.
5. Many people feel negative emotions and use careless language about their bodies.

To be healthy, a person requires their physical and energy bodies to be in balance, to be free from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual trauma, to be sustained with a healthy balanced diet and to have an acceptable balance of work, play, exercise, relaxation and sleep. Your body shape is inherited from your ancestors, and is modified by your environment and your learning. You can do little about your ancestors but you have absolute control over your environment and your learning, especially as regards the ability to challenge incorrect assumptions and inaccurate marketing of consumer products including food, diets, clothing, exercise equipment and the models you may strive to emulate.

Many of the questions in the health quiz relate to popular myths which are commonplace in media and dietary advice. Such myths as saturated fats (e.g. butter, coconut oil) being harmful while polyunsaturated fats are healthy. In fact, polyunsaturated fats are most likely rancid unless they are cold-pressed, kept under refrigeration and used unheated, otherwise they will usually contain trans-fatty acids (TFAs), which are harmful to you, and are readily absorbed in the intestine. Perhaps it is these rancid, carcinogenic oils on our skin that is causing the apparent increase in skin cancer, not a supposed increase in sunlight intensity or UV rays. On the other hand, saturated fats are stable when heated moderately, cannot contain TFAs and are only partially absorbed in your intestine. Thus saturated fats are far less unhealthy and cause less weight gain than polyunsaturated fats. Milk can be one of the most processed foods available. Homogenised milk has had the fat globules broken up so small that they can pass into your bloodstream without being digested. The best milk is raw milk, but if that is not available, pasteurised, non-homogenised organic milk is the next best that is available. Unfortunately, milk is pasteurised to 'protect' us from harm caused by bacteria but it also destroys the life-giving enzymes in the raw milk.

Another myth is that synthetic sweeteners will help you lose weight. Synthetic sweetening agents may be toxic and carcinogenic (aspartame was originally designed as a pesticide), and may also be metabolised to produce the same energy as sugar, so they are a harmful way put on weight. A high carbohydrate, low fat diet is a certain way to gain weight, despite what many diets recommend - otherwise why would endurance racers load up with carbohydrates before a race?

Cutting back on food can cause you to become deficient in essential vitamins and minersls. The best sources of these are fresh, natural, unprocessed fruits and vegetables. Processed foods have many or most of the essential nutrients processed out of them, leaving a 'shell' of usually starchy carbohydrate. Your body will crave the vitamins and minerals it needs, sending you hunger signals. When you respond to those by eating more nutrient-poor food, the hunger signals will continue, but it is the essential nutrients that your body needs, not additional carbohydrates and fats which simply cause you to gain weight, feel unwell and unhealthy, and reduce your energy.

To try to meet your body's nutrient requirements, you may purchase and swallow multivitamin and mineral tablets and a whole range of other artificial nutrients. These nutrients are usually synthetic and cannot replace the natural nutrients your body craves because your body may not absorb them efficiently and because their energy vibration may be incompatible with that of your body. We are not simply flesh and bone, we have an energy vibration which is part of us as well. This produces our aura and chakras and vibrates at a certain frequency. Fresh natural food vibrates at a compatible frequency; processed lifeless food does not, and nor do synthetic vitamins and minerals available as supplements. In common with many people, for years I took supplements and still felt heavy and sluggish. I gave up taking supplements and without any change in my diet, I now feel far more energised, lighter, healthier and happier. However, you must make certain that your diet contains the fresh, natural, unprocessed food that will provide all your nutritional needs. It is important that this food is grown in soil (hydroponically grown food may lack essential trace minerals) and is free from pesticides.

From a dietary perspective, the best advice for healthy eating and weight loss is to:
Read the labels on all food and learn about (and avoid) food additives.
Eat mainly fresh green organically-grown vegetables, fruit and nuts.
Eat meat sparingly (you may want to read about eating for your blood type as some people need more meat while others should avoid it).
Eat consciously, chewing your food thoroughly and focussing on its taste and texture - and definitely not in front of television!
Eat regular meals, sufficient to satisfy your hunger but not to give you a full feeling.
Avoid snacks between meals, and carbonated or sweetened drinks at any time.

The Journey and weight reduction

Weight retention can be dealt with in several ways by Journey processes, depending upon the reason for weight being retained. The reasons for weight retention and Journey processes to allow you to shed this weight are:

Fluid retention
Any retention is a sign that you are holding onto something, possibly the loss of someone dear to you, or something that you treasured. An example from my practice is of a client who became very obese after his wife passed on. He put on so much weight that any effort, even walking, was a huge strain. Eventually he reached the stage where complications were occurring so I facilitated a full Journey process for him. During that process he was able to talk with his deceased wife, gain her permission to find another partner (she even told him she would help him do this, and she did in a most amazing way), and they were finally able to let go of each other. His transformation was amazing, so much so that he ended up in hospital because of concerns about the amount of fluid he was losing - about 15kg during the week following the Journey.

Addictive over-eating
Eating can become an addiction, a way of escaping from having to confront your fears. This very often occurs when you consume snacks between meals, that large tub of popcorn or block of chocolate while watching a movie or television, or perhaps those few glasses of wine, beer, spirits or even just carbonated drinks or fruit juices. Very often people who are addicted to eating or drinking have binge habits - they may eat and/or drink to excess, possibly to the stage of being physically sick (anorexia and bulimia are extreme examples of this), and then feel guilty about what they have done and go into a depressed state which they then try to relieve by having a binge of eating and'or drinking again. Deep down there is often something that they are afraid to face about themselves. The Journey can allow them to face their fears safely and constructively, supporting them as they identify and clear out whatever it is that is causing this distress. The Journey also has an addiction cure which will reprogramme the body to prevent further overeating.

Family traits in obesity
Observation of families indicates that a great deal of obesity appears to occur within family groupings. Frequently obese parents will have obese children, and also frequently both spouses or partners will be obese. This could be due to environment or to genetics. Parents teach food habits to their children by example - what to eat, how much to eat, how to prepare food, and the environment when eating. People with similar habits may also be more attractive to each other than people with diverse habits, accounting partially for these similarities in body shape. In this case teaching parents and children healthy ways of eating healthy food and the importance of exercise will assist in allowing the whole family to become healthy, slim and fit.

A genetic source for obesity stems from some time in the past when an ancestor has switched on a gene which causes food retention. This is discussed in more detail in Healing discoveries - Inherited dis-eases, and may involve an ancestor being in a famine at which time their body turns on a gene to enable the person to survive by storing as much food as possible as fat. This gene has been passed on to subsequent generations so that they also store food as fat. However, as the famine is now ended, this behaviour is no longer appropriate or healthy, and in this lifetime causes obesity. The cellular healing which is possible using the Journey is able to turn off the gene switch that causes food retention and thus allow you to shed the weight and gain a healthy, slim body.

Subconscious choice
At some stage in your lifetime you or your body's 'Guardian part' may have made a subconscious choice to retain food as a means of survival. Examples of this from my practice is a woman who was very often physically abused as a child. To protect herself from that abuse she made a vow that she would pad herself so that the abuse would not hurt as much. As an adult, this vow was still in place and she was padding herself as much as possible by storing food as fat. Another example was of another woman who, as a child, was often punished by being starved. As a consequence, her 'Guardian part', the part of us which programmes our unconscious behaviours and causes such things as allergies to occur, protected her from this starvation by causing her body to store as much food as possible. As an adult, with plentiful food available, this behaviour was still in place and was causing her to become obese and unable to reduce her weight. In the first case, a vow change process quickly replaced her unhealthy vow with a vow to eat healthily and gain a slim, healthy body. In the second case, a small process to reprogramme the 'Guardian part" was done which is the same method as dealing with allergies.

Language of weight reduction
We are often our own worst enemies! The way we think and speak very often tends to keep us stuck in the same rut that we have always been in. If that is not sufficient, our minds often run away on their own with blame, fear, doubt, guilt and other negative thoughts which all tell us how 'bad' we are. We are not bad. We are wonderful, spiritual beings having a physical experience and very occasionally we make inappropriate choices. We have to - otherwise we would never be able to learn, and that is what we are here to do. So, if you talk about "losing weight", your mind will automatically start looking for it (that's what it does with anything that is lost) and it will find the weight you lost, and add a bit more on for good measure. No wonder you are unable to 'lose weight'. Talk instead about "shedding weight", "releasing weight" or "reducing weight".

When you look in the mirror or at the scales, what do you think? What is it that you tell yourself? If you tell yourself how horrible you look, how fat you are, how heavy you are, then that is what you will attract - more horribleness, more fatness, more heaviness. Instead you must see yourself as already healed, already the slim, healthy, beautiful person you desire to be. So when you look at yourself, think and say to yourself "I am becoming slimmer, lighter, more wonderful, more beautiful every day" and feel a huge feeling of gratitude welling up inside yourself for the new you that you are becoming. If you do this, then this is what you will achieve. You can only move towards your dominant thought, never away from it, and your body does not understand 'don't'. Also, if your thought is of want, e.g. I want to be slim, fit and healthy, then that is what you will get - more wanting. You must see yourself as already being what you desire, then you will attract it, and remember to give thanks for already having or being this.

Of course you must do all the other things above, check out that you have no old vows in place, check that your gene switches are all in the best positions, check that you are not holding onto anyone or anything, check that your 'Guardian part' isn't programmed inappropriately, establish a healthy nutritious diet and exercise programme, but then you must see yourself as already slim, fit and healthy and tell yourself this and offer sincere gratitude for those wonderful positive changes.

An excellent resource for assisting with the language of attraction, which is what this type of self-talk is, is "The Secret" either as a book or a DVD.

I hope you enjoy your new, healthy body and would love to hear of your experiences in shedding weight and regaining health.
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