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These are questions which people have asked me regarding the therapy sessions I offer. They may help you also. If the particular question that you want answered is not here, please contact me by email, phone or post. I look forward to hearing from you.

Q What will happen during a therapy session?

A Before the session begins you will be welcomed with a drink of filtered water and we will discuss whatever issues you wish to deal with at this time while relaxing music plays softly in the background. Gradually the questions I ask will become more directed towards the issues which you have, allowing me to uncover some of your beliefs which are causing your issues. I will then use ThetaHealing™ to test these beliefs and change them, with your permission, installing brand new healthy beliefs in place of the unhealthy beliefs which have caused your dis-ease. Generally we will then do a Designer Journey process, after which any further beliefs which may have arisen will also be dealt with. Usually you will leave feeling refreshed and lighter, though maybe a little tired from the intense healing that has taken place.

Q What will happen during a Journey process?

A For a full Designer Journey process, in your mind's eye, you will go down a set of imaginery steps and through a door into the core of your being, where you will meet a mentor to accompany you. Together you will travel in a vehicle to the place where your issue is seated, or perhaps to the physical location of your illness. There you will find a place that is different or unhealthy and hear or feel the negative emotion from it.

You will then remember when you have had this emotion before, going back in time as far as required (sometimes even into past lives) and putting these pictures on a big screen in the sky. You will then be encouraged to really feel that emotion, letting it overpower you, then go to the core of it and find what is there. This will be repeated as many times as necessary until you reach your Source - often peace, love, light or something like that. After letting Source wash through all the earlier layers, you then have an imaginery campfire to which you bring the younger you from the pictures on the screen, the present-day you, your mentor and anyone else who needs to be there from those pictures. The younger you and present-day you get to say what they need to say to the other people, then forgive them and receive forgiveness from them as required, and carry out a few other small processes depending on what needs to be done.

The younger you then receives resources that would have helped in the earlier situations, the pictures are rerun with the resources, then the fire and others go, and you and your mentor examine the organ you are in again, see how much healthier it looks, and hear the positive emotion coming from it. You then return to the base of the steps in your vehicle, thank the mentor, see how your life is in the future and then walk back up the steps. After that you open your eyes and write a letter to yourself telling yourself the things that you could do to help yourself achieve the bright future you have just seen. While you do this, you also have a drink of water or cup of tea. Then you depart with a list of suggestions for looking after yourself while you are healing. I will contact you after approximately 2 days, 1 week and 1 month to see how things are going for you and to offer advice if required.

Q How long will a full therapy session take?

A All therapy sessions are different. With an adult, a full therapy session with ThetaHealing™, Designer Journey, ThetaHealing™ and integration will usually take about 3-5 hours. This does not imply that a long process is better or worse than a short process - they just are the length that they are - all are absolutely perfect for the person taking them. There are also shorter processes such as phobia or addiction cures, vow changes and such like which will take very much less time. Often these are done during a full Designer Journey process.

Children generally take a lot less time than adults because their issues are not as deeply entrenched and they are usually far more open to releasing the issues and the emotional pain. A child's therapy session would usually take less than an hour with children older than about 5 years of age. For children under 5 years of age, there is a Journey story which can be read to them as a bedtime story and with which they can interact or not as they choose. It is usual for a parent to read that story (they will be given the story booklet at the therapy session). Be aware that it is also very usual for the mother of a child who is being treated to also require a session because it is usual for the child to have picked up the negative energy of the mother during gestation and early childhood.

Q Is this healing religious?

A No, it is not religious. Before followers of Islam were permitted to undertake Journey processes, the Journey was scrutinised by the Islam hierarchy, who found it to be teaching "a Universal Truth". However it can be as spiritual as you wish it to be. The process works regardless of your religious or spiritual beliefs - all you really need is a desire to heal.

ThetaHealing™ also is not religious but it does use the creative power of the Universe to carry out the healing. As with the Journey, this is a Universal power which is available to all people regardless of beliefs.

These healing therapies have been successfully used by people of all religions, and by those who do not subscibe to any religion. It is universally applicable.

Q You mentioned past lives - what if I don't believe in past lives?

A What you believe is your choice and is based on your learnings throughout life. I do not seek to change those unless you wish to change them. If I need to take you back beyond when you were born in order to clear out something that is affecting your life now, then I will do that and I have found that, regardless of beliefs, people are able to easily go backwards in time to the time before they were born, and can identify when they chose a certain belief or when a particular event caused emotional trauma in their lives. They can then clear this out, forgiving and receiving forgiveness, and finally cutting the energy cord to this past event, be it real or imagined. After the Journey process, analysis of what happened is discouraged, but if a person wants to think about or discuss what happened during the Journey and possibly change their beliefs, then that is their choice.

Q Is the Journey the same as hypnosis?

A The Journey is not the same as hypnosis. The only similarities are that both work with some part of the subconscious and the effects of both are a beneficial change in emotions and behaviour. Hypnosis operates at the subconscious mind level, while the Journey operates at the level of the soul. For the Journey, the mind is a part of you that needs to be stilled or distracted - the Journey is not a mind therapy while hypnosis definitely is. Be totally reassured, the Journey will not cause you to do things that you do not choose to do, so get those images of stage-type hypnosis shows out of your mind - the Journey is never like that.

Q How many therapy sessions will I need to fix my problems?

A It is not possible to say how many sessions you will need. It is important to realise that the Journey and ThetaHealing™ do not and cannot 'fix' anything - they simply clear out the damaging emotional patterns and beliefs that have caused your dis-ease or behavioural problems. Once those have gone, your body is then able to go about the business of healing itself. This may be immediate or very quick (see success stories for some like this) or it may take a while during which time you will feel a progressive improvement as defective cells are replaced with new, perfect cells.

Other aspects that affect the number of therapy sessions required are the amount of emotional trauma present, your willingness to really open wide and let these traumas out, and your deep-down desire to finally heal completely. Some of my clients who have had huge emotional traumas, e.g. loved ones dying violent deaths, find they can only release the emotions gradually over a series of sessions. Others find that they are fearful of allowing themselves to release the really deep emotions and therefore tend to deal with more superficial emotions first - like peeling away the layers of an onion. It may take several sessions to get to the really core issues. Still others clear out issues but then find that they do not heal because they are holding on to their illness for the benefits it provides. They are more willing to live with their illnesses than to risk living without them. However, the vast majority of my clients achieve the healing they seek after one or two healing sessions. Even just one session will always make a huge improvement in your life if you allow yourself to fully let go of past issues.

Remember that you have taken many years - all your life so far - to reach the stage that you have now reached. It is therefore not unreasonable to require a few sessions to clean all the negative aspects from your body. It is certainly very worthwhile to have your life 'reset to zero' so you can live as you were designed to live, feel emotions healthily without pain, and enable your body to heal completely. It is always my aim to make you independent so that you can continue life without therapy sessions. It is up to you when you feel that this has been achieved.

Q Is the Journey just another form of counselling?

A No, definitely not. Counselling works very much at the conscious level whereas the Journey works at the very deepest level of the soul. Counselling also expects you to describe and almost relive the experiences that have caused the traumas, before stuffing them down and covering them up. In contrast, during the Journey these experiences are addressed by placing them on an imaginery video screen, you are the observer, not the participant, you have the support of a mentor and can receive resources (e.g. courage, strength, communication ability and even a crystal dome to keep everything out except love) to support you during the processes, and are then finally released completely. It is even possible, though not encouraged, for you to view the past traumas in silence without describing them to the therapist if your conscious mind finds them too traumatic or embarrassing. Counselling also tends to create dependency, encouraging a person to return for a regular appointment to proceed a bit further through their traumas, while each Journey process aims to empower the client to clear out the blockages caused by the past traumas and then to heal physically and emotionally.

Q I can't see anything happen with ThetaHealing™ and energy healing. How do I know that it's for real?

A Very often we cannot actually observe something directly but we know that it is there because of the effects it has. Good examples are gravity - we can't see it yet it keeps us stuck to the Earth rather than drifting through space, wind - we can't see that but we can feel it and see the effects it has on some objects, and electricity - we can see movement and light, feel heat and hear sound, but we cannot see electricity itself.

When using ThetaHealing™, the power of the Creator is channelled to heal your body, change your beliefs, download new feelings you may not have experienced before (e.g. joy, happiness) and carry out many other spiritual healing processes. You may feel changes occurring in your body as this happens, some people do, many do not, yet at the end of the session they invariably feel lighter and more relaxed, and find that they respond more healthily to situations that arise. When doing belief changes, the belief is tested using muscle testing both before and after the change, so an instant verification that the belief has changed can be easily seen.

We are made of energy. Our energy field can be seen by some people and can certainly be sensed by many, either directly or by use of a pendulum or divining rods. Quite possibly you have been able to sense that there is someone in the same darkened room as you even though you cannot actually see them. What you are sensing is their energy field. Dis-ease in our physical body is reflected in our energy field just the same as a malfunction in an electricity generator will alter the electrical field around the machine. "Reading" the energy field around your body provides clues as to the nature, location, and degree of your dis-ease. Transferring healing energy from the Universe to the part of the body with the dis-ease enables it to heal. During energy healing. it is likely that you will feel a sensation of heat when healing is occurring - I certainly feel the palm of my hand become very hot as it transmits the energy. Finally, you will know that something has happened because very often pain associated with the dis-ease will lessen or disappear completely.

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