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Your personal energy field

Have you ever been able to sense when someone is present in a darkened room, or maybe when someone is looking at you from behind? What you are sensing is their energy field. This energy field surrounds everyone and extends into the universe. Part of it can be seen or sensed by some people as an aura but this is not necessarily all there is to your energy field.

You can control your energy field. Most of the time it will be 'neutral', that is, you won't actually be aware that it is there and you will not be putting any energy into controlling it. However, if you are sitting close to another person, you may feel their energy field and subconsciously withdraw your energy field closer to yourself. Conversely, with someone you know well, or a loved one, you may sense that your energy field is reaching out towards them. If there is someone you dislike or someone you feel overpowered by, you may either consciously or subconsciously give them an energy 'push', using your energy field to expand the area which your energy controls.

When you are alone your energy field is probably in 'neutral', neither reaching out to, pushing away or retreating from another person. This is a healthy situation as it reduces the energy required to maintain this field and feels most comfortable for you. Undertaking some activities can cause energy to drain from your field. Examples could include:
When you are travelling squeezed closely together with other people, e.g. in a bus, train or aircraft, your energy field will be either withdrawn inside the confines of your physical body or else it will be interacting with many other energy and physical bodies.
If you are meeting with a person who is an 'energy sink', a person who is able to withdraw energy from others, and may do this consciously but usually does it completely unconsciously. People who choose to be very dependent, hold onto past stories and retell these frequently, or who use emotional blackmail tend to be energy sinks.

The result of energy drain will be a feeling of tiredness and lassitude, and, in the case of the energy sink person, a feeling of not wanting to be around that person.

There are several simple techniques which you can use to practice conscious control of your energy field and to retain your energy when you are with an energy sink.
An exercise to encourage your awareness of your energy field is to 'play with the ball'. Hold your hands in front of you, palms together pointing away from you. Separate your hands by about 60 cm (2 feet). Now very slowly bring your hands together and as you do this you will feel a sensation on the palm of each hand - it may be a tingly sensation, maybe gentle warmth, maybe a feeling of pressure or resistance. It may help to close your eyes. To begin with you may need to bring your hands quite close together before you recognise the sensation. Once you can feel the sensation, consciously direct energy to your hands, visualising the energy field around your hands growing larger and energy 'beams' coming out of the palms of your hands. Then start again, moving your hands apart until you can no longer sense the energy from the palms, and then bring them together until you can just sense it. What did you notice? With practice you will become more sensitive to the energy and you will learn to control your energy consciously. It is then only a very short step to being able to consciously control the energy of your whole field.

Once you and 1 or 2 friends have learnt how to control the energy field from your hands, extend this to sensing the energy field of other people. Stand facing your friend and each reach a hand, palm outwards, towards the other, one left hand and one right hand. As your hands approach you will be able to sense the energy field from the palm of the other person. Once you can do this, raise your other hands and sense the energy fields from them also. Experiment by each doing the visualisation above to increase the energy fields and see how far away from each other's hands you can move and still sense the energy. Once you are confident with the sensing, then move your hands with one partner leading and the other following, staying in the energy field. Once you are familiar with how this feels, close your eyes and see if you can follow each other's hands just using your energy sensing abilities, not your sight (a third person could observe and let you know how well you are progressing). Swap leader and follower, and if you have a third person, try different combinations. Have fun while you learn.

Another exercise to allow you to consciously control your own whole-body energy field and to sense that of others is to have yourself and 1 or 2 friends seat themselves on a sofa or couch so that your energy fields interact. To begin with, let 2 people sit apart on a couch with enough space between them for a third person (if only you and 1 friend are doing this, leave space beside that seated person for the other). To start with, let everyone have their fields neutral, then have one person sit in the space between (or alongside) the other(s). Feel the interaction of the energy fields - all those involved should be able to sense that their energy field insects and interacts with those of the other(s). Then let that person stand again, walk away from the sofa, and consciously make their energy field as large as possible - visualise it as filling the whole room, the whole world, and consciously push it out. Then let that person sit down between or alongside the other(s). Let everyone feel the different sensations. Return your energy fields to neutral and discuss how that felt and how it was different. Then repeat, with the moving person sucking their energy field into themselves before they sit down. Return to neutral and discuss as before. Then swap roles, with 1 of the seated people doing the moving. Once you have all felt the differences, then repeat the above but with the person moving setting their field at random and see if the others can know how it is set by the feel of it.

Note that it is not considered to be good 'energy manners' to push with your energy field unless you consider it to be absolutely necessary.

When dealing with a person who is an energy sink, there are two techniques that can be useful. The first is to prevent your energy leaking from your hands by putting the tips of the fingers of one hand against the tips of the corresponding fingers of the other hand. As our hands tend to be our main energy conduits, this short circuits the flow, retaining it inside ourselves. The other technique is to consciously deflect the other person's energy attracting forces to another part of the room, maybe to a container which you visualise as being on the ground away from you. Just visualise the 'suction' energy of the other person going into that container. If you wish, you could also visualise that person's suction energy bending right around behind them and re-entering them from their back. The key thing is to prevent the 'suction' energy from entering you. All this is done by visualisation, and you can practice visualisation on your own whenever you want to for attracting good things from life to you.

So have fun discovering the power of your personal energy but remember to always use it for positive purposes. Using it for negative reasons or to hurt others will only cause the energy to rebound to you and hurt yourself.

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