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Originally developed by Vianna Stibal following the spontaneous remission of a cancerous tumour in her leg, ThetaHealing™ is an extremely effective form of spiritual healing in which the therapist 'goes up to' the seventh plane of existence and works with the Creator-Of-All-That-Is to assist healing in the client. This simple statement obviously needs explanation.

The Creator-Of-All-That-Is is a reasonably neutral name for a greater Universal power which people may, in their religions or other spiritual practices call God, Yahweh, Jesus, Allah, Bhudda, Universe, Holy Spirit, Grace or some other name. It is simply a way of identifying a Divine Being or Divine Presence which many people believe or sense is behind the organisation of the universe and everything outside the universe. So while ThetaHealing™ is spiritual healing, it does not depend upon any particular religion or belief structure. For healing to take place, it is sufficient for the client to simply know or trust that healing is possible through non-physical means.

ThetaHealing™ conceptualizes the universe and everything there is as being on seven planes of existence. These planes are not heirarchical - none is 'better' or 'worse' than any other. The first plane is the Earth itself - the rocks, waters, crystals and everything else that makes up the planet Earth. Healers working with crystals therefore use first plane energies. The second plane relates to the vegetation growing on Earth. Thus healers using herbs are using second plane energies. The third plane comprises the animals living on Earth, including humans. Shamanic healing using animal totems therefore uses third plane energies. The fourth plane are our ancestors who are in spirit. Healers who talk with ancestors who have passed are therefore an example of the use of fourth plane energies. The fifth plane is the spirit world of fairies, demons, angels, guides and other spirit folk. Therefore when a healer talks about your guardian angels or your spirit guides, these are on the fifth plane. The sixth plane is the plane of the Laws of the Universe, e.g. the Law of Gravity and the Law of Electricity. These may be used in healing e.g. in the form of electricity in acupuncture. The seventh plane is the plane of the Creator. There are no people there, only the pearlescent white light of the Creator. From this plane, energies from all other planes may be used for healing.

Using ThetaHealing™, a therapist can undertake a very wide range of spiritual healing from all planes of existence as necessary. Some of the more common healing activities undertaken include:

An intuitive scan of the client's body to 'see' what needs to be healed. Using Intuitive Anatomy, a therapist is able to gain an internal vision of the client so that any health problems in any of the body's systems can be 'seen'. To do this without the help of the Creator would take a huge amount of time as the human body is very complex. Therefore the Creator is asked to show the therapist what needs to be 'seen' and healed. For me, organs which need healing are highlighted in bright white light while the remainder of the body is shown far less illuminated.

Physical healing of organs or body parts which are unhealthy. The Creator does this healing, the therapist observes and may assist when requested. Results of this healing may take place very rapidly or the body may take time to adjust to the changes that are made. ThetaHealing™ is an individual process and the results and positive changes you desire may only take moments or the healing changes may unfold over a period of time. Some clients may require only one session while other clients may require numerous sessions to achieve the balance they desire. In the case of underproducing glands, it may require a short time for the products of the healed glands to circulate through the body and restore health. However, the therapist stays in the client's space watching the changes take place until told that these are completed. (See the physical healing changes section for more details.)

Changing a client's beliefs. Your health is affected greatly by your beliefs, so by changing your beliefs you are able to improve your health. These beliefs are very often core beliefs or beliefs you have inherited from your ancestors or past lives. It is a very simple matter for a therapist to test for specific unsupportive beliefs and to change these beliefs, replacing them with healthier beliefs, with your permission. Some very common beliefs which limit your health and healing include "It takes a long time to heal", "Only doctors can heal me", "I don't deserve to be healthy" and "I need to be punished". Obviously, with these beliefs it is very difficult to heal. (There is more detail on belief changes in the belief change section.)

Downloading feelings. Once a belief has been changed, you will want to be able to feel the feelings that are associated with that belief. E.g. if a belief has been installed that it's OK to feel joy in your life but you have never felt joy before, how will you know what it feels like? So the therapist in this case would download the feeling of joy, perhaps installing "I know what it feels like to feel joy", "I know what it feels like to live a joyful life" and "I know Creator's definition of joy". These are easily installed and are very powerful; sometimes just installing a download is enough to change a person's life and health dramatically. (See downloading feelings for more details.)

Obtaining spiritual guidance from ancestors and guides. Using ThetaHealing™, a therapist can perform a reading during which the client's spirit guides, guardian angels and/or ancestors can convey important information to the client about themselves and the client's health. They may also be able to provide guidance for the future based upon current beliefs and past decisions. Obviously, if these beliefs are changed and decisions reversed, the future will also be changed - the client has free will to determine that. ThetaHealing™ also has a wide range of healing techniques which are excellent for healing relationships and broken hearts, recalling soul fragments that have been 'lost' to others, cleaning your soul and many others. (See the spiritual guidance section for more information.)

All healing is totally safe, painless and risk-free.
You are assured of absolute confidentiality – nothing that is said in your therapy session will leave that room without your permission.
ThetaHealing™ is very suitable when used as a supplement to normal medical treatment.

Many ThetaHealing™ techniques can be performed using distant or absent healing so you can benefit from this no matter where you live. Just contact me by email giving your name, age and location. You will also need to give permission for any belief changes to be done. For more information see the absent healing section.

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