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Past Life Therapy

We are not physical beings who are finding spirituality. Rather we are spiritual beings who have chosen to come into this physical realm for specific purposes. We may be here to teach some higher wisdom, or to learn lessons on this earthly plane, or to fulfill some karmic duty - or all of these. This is not the only lifetime we will have in a physical realm, we have had and will have a vast number before we reach a sufficiently elevated level of spirituality that we no longer need to reincarnate, so we can remain in the spiritual realm forever - or until we choose to start all over again.

Therefore, we have had a great many past lifetimes, many of the more recent ones probably on this planet Earth. Some of these lifetimes will probably have been pleasant, 'holiday' lifetimes in which we have chosen to experience love, luxury and abundance. Others of these lifetimes have undoubtedly been exceedingly unpleasant and we may have chosen to experience all sorts of abuse, poverty, illness, deformity and violent death. Remember that whatever we have experienced in any lifetime is our choice, they are not 'rewards' or 'punishments'.

It is rare for a person to consciously bring into one lifetime experiences and learning from a previous lifetime (our son was English in his previous lifetime and brought an English accent in his speech into this lifetime). However, trauma suffered in a previous lifetime can frequently cause undesirable effects in a subsequent lifetime, creating phobias, addictions, allergies and illnesses which are inexplicable and which cannot be cured by conventional methods.

Past life therapy (or past life regression as it is commonly known) allows you to go back into previous lives, see who you have been in those lives, what you have done, and what traumas you may have carried forward into this lifetime. That can be very interesting and informative, and there is some enjoyment finding out that in a previous lifetime you saw yourself as a prince or some other famous or infamous person.

The real benefits of past life therapy occur when it is incorporated into a Journey process. If, during a Journey process, it appears that the dis-ease you are suffering from is not directly caused by some trauma you have suffered in this lifetime, then your past lifetimes can be visited so that you can see how you have brought the causes of your current dis-ease into this lifetime and can then clear out these past traumas, forgiving those responsible. In fact, it is usual in the Journey proceeses that I facilitate to visit past lives.

An example which occurred in my practise was of a music teacher who started a new job, had a lot of stress put on her, and developed laryngitis. The doctors she visited could not find a cause or a cure. She was off work for about 6 months when she came to me for a Journey process during which time she went back into 3 past lives. In each of these lives she was murdered by having her throat constricted in various ways. Once she could remember these traumas and bring them into the Journey process, talk with those who did these murders at a campfire, and then forgive them, she was able to heal. She returned to work, healed, 2 weeks later.

The Journey can therefore be used as a very powerful therapeutic tool to allow you to clear out traumas from past lifetimes which are adversely affecting your present lifetime. It can also allow you to visit previous lifetimes to obtain a greater sense of self and to allow you to remember where you have come from and who you really are. If you would like to experience your past lives, ask questions about past life therapy or find out if this healing could help you, please ; I'll look forward to it.
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