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The Journey

The Journey healing modality was developed by Brandon Bays and used by her to cure her cancerous tumour. Her story and the background to the healing is told in her book “The Journey”. Since then she has written another book entitled “The Journey for Kids” in which she explains how this healing modality can be used to liberate the shining potential of children and free them from birth and childhood traumas. Her third book "Freedom Is" provides meditations designed to assist you on your journey towards greater spirituality. When you are ready to welcome peace into your life and find out who you really are, then these meditations will help you do that.

Journey practitioners in Australia have made a 17 minute video depicting ways in which The Journey has improved the lives of many people. In this video you can hear the stories of the healing that has taken place from the people themselves and can imagine how this powerful healing could help you or your loved ones to fully experience the joy of life. You can access this video by following this link.

The Journey healing offered by Lovelight Holistic Health is totally non-invasive and involves you relaxing deeply, following the instructions of the therapist, and making the changes that will remove the old habits and behaviour patterns from your cells and install new, positive, healthy patterns.

All healing is totally safe, painless and risk-free.
You are assured of absolute confidentiality – nothing that is said in your therapy session will leave that room without your permission.

A therapy session for a full Journey process usually takes about 2-3 hours, with some time before and after for discussion. The total time you would spend could be up to 4-5 hours, and you are advised to allow the whole day so that you can rest, relax and maybe sleep in the afternoon. Remember, after your session you will be healing.

Some therapy sessions may be shorter, e.g. phobia, addiction and allergy cures, and weight loss processes, while others involving several techniques may require a longer time. It has taken you a lifetime to develop these dis-eases so a few hours is a reasonable amount of time to start healing them.

Prevention - far better than cure

You do not need to wait until you have a dis-ease before you experience Journey healing. The Journey is a non-specific modality - it does not claim to cure any dis-ease but rather to remove the blockages within yourself which allow dis-eases to develop. Therefore, by removing those blockages early you will prevent the dis-eases developing. This can also work with inherited dis-eases which may have been passed down through your family for many generations. The Journey's cellular healing ability allows you to alter your genes so that these dis-eases can be cleared from you in this generation.

Experience this healing for yourself now!

Who is the Journey for?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then the Journey will be of benefit to you. So contact Lovelight Holistic Health now to benefit from this healing.

Have you programmed your body to act in certain ways?
* Do your actions sometimes displease you?
* Do you get sick so that you have an excuse for not doing some things?
* Have you made vows that are no longer relevant?

Do you feel out of control at times and regret the times when you have:
* Become angry over trivial things?
* Said things to a loved one you wished later you hadn’t?
* Yelled at your children although deep down you really do love them?
* Did not ask for what you really wanted?
* Went along with someone else’s ideas when you didn’t really want to?
* Procrastinated?

Is your relationship with your loved one:
* Not all you would like it to be?
* Lacking love and zest?
* Okay, but you’d like it to be better?
* A problem no matter how hard you try to make it better?
* Finished and you want to move on?

Have you been a victim or had to suffer:
* Physical or verbal abuse from partner, children or ‘friends’?
* Rape or sexual abuse?
* Victimisation in the home or workplace?
* The death of a loved one?
* Debilitating illness or injury?

Do you or your children have:
* Learning difficulties?
* Difficulties making or keeping friends?
* Problems coping with everyday life?
* Trouble making decisions?

Do you or your family have:
* Dis-eases or illnesses that seem to occur in each generation?
* Illnesses which you have been told are genetic?
* The possibility of passing on genetic illnesses to your children?

Do you seem to have:
* A repeating pattern of ‘bad luck’, bad bosses or bad relationships?
* Similar problems repeating themselves?
* An attraction to undesirable events?

If you intend to have a child:
* Are you having difficulty becoming pregnant?
* Do you want your child to be happy, healthy and placid, able to progress well at school and able to grow into a wonderful loving person?

Do you have a problem coming to terms with:
* Adoption, either your own or that of a child?
* Miscarriage?
* Abortion?

Do you have any:
* Allergies?
* Phobias?
* Addictions?
* Irrational fears?
* Habits you would like to change?

Do you want to find out more about:

* Your past lives?
* Why you are here?
* What your life’s purpose is?
* Why you had a particular illness or accident and what you can learn from it?

The Journey can help you if you answered 'yes' to any of these questions. So why not contact me now to discuss how your life and the lives of your loved ones could be improved?

Resources available

The Journey The Journey for kids Freedom Is
journey book journey for kids book

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