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Chakra Balancing

Chakras are the energy centres of your aura and each chakra influences specific parts of your body. If a chakra is blocked it will not function correctly and over time the area of the body which it influences will become impaired or show signs of dis-ease.

There are seven major chakras in your aura:

The base chakra is centred between your legs pointing downwards. It is responsible for you feeling grounded, and if defective, you are likely to feel 'floaty' and out of touch with your surroundings. It is strongly connected to the physical body and therefore vibrates at the lowest frequency.

The sacral chakra is centred just below the navel and points in front of and behind your body, as do all the chakras except base and crown. It affects your emotional security, your relationships and your sense of physical security (lack of which can cause panic attacks). Physically it affects your sexual organs which relate to your creativity at all levels - from conception of a child or an idea, to giving birth to a child or to creative and artistic projects.

The solar plexus chakra is located below the sternum (breast bone) and governs your emotions, which is why your stomach is so affected by your feelings. It affects your self esteem, individuality, and the way you relate to others. A blocked solar plexus chakra can cause difficult relationships and a feeling of being dominated by others.

The heart chakra is in the centre of the chest and governs your heart. It affects your ability to show love and compassion and has powerful spiritual qualities because it affects your relationship with the Divine. If this chakra is not operating correctly it can cause you to withhold affection and feelings. However, if it is permanently fully open it can lead to feelings of physical and emotional exhaustion. As the central chakra, its function is central to your well-being.

The throat chakra is centred at the base of your throat and governs your ability to communicate and to express yourself. Problems with this chakra can lead to chronic throat dis-ease such as hoarseness and laryngitis, which reduce your ability to communicate with others.

The brow or third eye chakra is located between your eyebrows, the site of your third eye which gives you insight and inspiration. This chakra provides you with imagination and the use of your intellect. Using these abilities gives you a sense of fulfillment while the inability to use them causes frustration and dissatisfaction. A blocked third eye chakra manifests as a stale and stagnant mind and physical dis-ease such as blocked sinuses.

The crown chakra is centred at the top of the head and points upwards. It tends to be very sensitive and you may feel uncomfortable when people get too close to it. (Its presence is probably the reason why the top of the head is sacred and must not be touched in many cultures.) It governs your connection to your higher self and to your spirituality. Dis-ease caused by malfunctioning of this chakra may manifest as depression and debilitating dissatisfaction with life.

Chakra healing involves sensing and using divining rods to detect chakras which are operating effectively and those which are closed. I can usually sense this and then check using the rods. I then work on each chakra in turn, causing each to become open and balanced. Quite often this process alone is enough to relieve chronic pain.

Usually I incorporate chakra healing into the holistic healing which includes aura cleaning and a Journey process. This approach enables deep-seated emotional issues and negative energy stored in your aura and your physical body to be cleared so that these no longer prevent chakras from operating in an open and healthy manner and no longer cause dis-ease to be manifested in your physical body.

If you would like to experience chakra healing, ask questions about chakras or find out if this healing could help you, please ; I'll look forward to it.
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