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Past Memories - Present Effects

An elderly couple had experienced many years together, had raised their children, cuddled and helped raise their grandchildren, and sat now in the afterglow of their lives - contemplating. After some time in companionable silence, she smiles at her husband and says, "We've had a really good, enjoyable life, haven't we dear. Our children have grown up to be wonderful people, our grandchildren are blossoming, we are reasonably fit and healthy for our age, we have our own house, you still have your driver's licence and, most of all, we still have each other. We are so fortunate."

After a few minutes silence, her husband turns to her and, with a slight frown, replies, "I'm not so sure that I'd totally agree with you. What you say is true, but we've had some really tough times, like when I was unemployed, when you were chronically ill for those few years, when our house was burgled and we lost everything, and when our third child died. Life has been hard and I think I'm almost grateful that it's nearly over."

This fictional couple have shared similar experiences over a long period of time. However, their memories of these experiences are very different, just as the memories of witnesses in court are often different due to their selective observation and memory storage. While she has selectively remembered the wonderful, joyous times while selectively forgetting, or at least ignoring, the unhappy, hard times, he has done the opposite. After a lifetime of these unconscious habits they now have totally different viewpoints on their lives together and of the events they have shared.

Neither view is 'right' or 'wrong', nor is one viewpoint 'better' than the other. Both simply reflect the way in which each person has observed events and stored information.   However, the influence that these thoughts can have on each person is significant. While for her, every cloud will have a silver lining, he will be so busy looking for the down side of whatever comes along that he will not appreciate and remember the joy of the moment.   For her a bunch of roses will be a beautiful gift to treasure and remember; for him it will be a prickly bunch of flowering twigs that drops petals on the floor in a few days.

Our success in all aspects of our lives is strongly influenced by our memories and the self-talk that our minds generate from these. If we have stored memories of every time we have 'failed' (in our opinion), then when we attempt something new we will have failure self-talk in our minds so we are more likely to set ourselves up to fail again. Conversely, stored memories of our successes will go a long way towards helping us achieve success in future new endeavours.

Our health is also regulated by our dominant stored memories. The old adage "you are what you eat" could very well be altered to "you are what you remember", because this influences both your conscious and subconscious thoughts, and hence the manner in which your body functions and your feelings about life in general. It is difficult to feel contentment when there is a voice in your head reminding you of all your failures!

There is also a down-side to 'forgetting' the negative aspects of our lives. Memories of these aspects may still be lurking inside, but have been repressed to such an extent that they are not remembered at the conscious level or the level at which mind-talk accesses. At the deepest level they may be causing symptoms of cancer, ME, arthritis and other similar diseases in the body cells in which they have been stored.

So where are these negative, maybe repressed, memories stored and how can we clear them out?

Memories are stored in our body cells. If they are positive memories, those cells will have open cell receptors and remain healthy. Negative or traumatic memories cause the cells to close their receptors, isolating them from the rest of the body and preventing them receiving and acting on chemical messages. Thus the cells become unhealthy and diseased, and may be the source of a wide range of illnesses. Discussion of the role of cell receptors in illness is found in Candace Pert's book Molecules of Emotion.

The Journey is one of the most effective ways of clearing out damaging cell memories, whether these are remembered or repressed at the conscious level. This process, initially developed as a cancer cure, enables even repressed and 'forgotten' negative memories and emotions to be fully expressed and forgiveness to be given and received as necessary in consciousness. The result is that cell receptors open and cells become and remain healthy, enabling your body, mind and soul to function as an integrated whole instead of these parts working against each other. Once the negativity is cleared, you are better able to enjoy a happy, healthy, joyous and illness-free life.

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