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Healing discoveries

Medical and other scientific research is making massive strides in obtaining results that improve our understanding of the ways in which our bodies, minds and emotions operate and interact. DNA and gene research shows just how sensitive our body material is to our feelings and emotions. The more scientists investigate, the more startling are their discoveries, to the extent that the causes of whole groups of diseases and illnesss may now be open to debate.

The following articles have been obtained from a variety of sources and also from observations within my own Journey practice. They possibly provide the pioneer guidelines for a new methodology of healing, a methodology that enables the whole person to heal when the whole person is honoured, accepted and fully integrated through holistic healing techniques. They certainly strongly indicate that healing is something that we do, not something that is done to us - it is inside, not outside of us, and is an active rather than a passive process.

DNA Discoveries 1
Investigations into the influence our emotions have on DNA

DNA Discoveries 2
Further investigations into the amazing world of DNA and our inherent power

Autism - theories and possibilities
From my Journey practice, new theories for the causes and cures of autism

Inherited dis-eases - new hope for sufferers
Where do inherited family disorders come from and can they be cured?

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