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Obtaining spiritual guidance using ThetaHealing™

ThetaHealing™ is spiritual healing and it would therefore be expected that it can be used to obtain spiritual guidance. This, and a great deal more, can be done.

From a spiritual perspective, the following are some of the healing and guidance that can be done using ThetaHealing™, either face-to-face or by distance healing:
• Talking with and obtaining guidance from your guardian angels and spiritual guides.
• Talking with and obtaining insight from your ancestors.
• Bring healing to a broken soul.
• Retrieving soul fragments.
• Sending love to you as a baby in the womb.
• A 'normal' psychic reading of possible future events affecting your life.
• Changing DNA and genetic programs.

Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides
We all have guardian angels and spirit guides who have the task of providing guidance to us as we live this life. This guidance may be in the form of a 'gut feeling' that we should or shouldn't do something, the creation of 'coincidences' so that you meet just the person you need to or you are late for an appointment or work (as quite a large number of people working in the World Trade Center were on September 11 2001, and as many people have been who missed air flights only to find that the plane subsequently crashed), or make some other contribution to assist you possibly in everyday things or maybe in the form of a wake-up call which may, in the short term, appear as an illness or 'accident'. I am certain I had assistance from these spiritual beings when I was reassembling part of my car that needed several things to stay in place but I could only fit one hand in to hold everything; after several attempts, with a washer falling off each time, I asked for help and the next attempt everything fitted together just perfectly and the washer just seemed to sit where I placed it with nothing holding it. Everything was also absolutely perfectly lined up when I put the final shaft in. I am also certain that they provided my two major wake-up calls which directed me onto the path I am now treading.

It is interesting to be able to interact with these spirit people and ThetaHealing™ allows this to happen, either face-to-face or by distant healing. By asking to be shown a client's guardian angels and/or spirit guides, I can then talk with them, conveying questions and answers between the client and the guides. Sometimes a client will have noticed or felt something which has no physical explanation, e.g. a feeling that someone is touching their hair when they are alone, and this can be due to a spirit helper. It is reassuring for the client to know that there is an explanation and that they are loved and cherished by these spiritual guardians. From the spiritual guardians' perspective, they are also very appreciative of the client's gratitude as they are very proud of the work they are doing and feel very valued when their efforts are recognised.

Ancestors who have passed from this Earth and are now in spirit can also be contacted and spoken with for a client. Reasons for a client requesting this include curiosity about an ancestor's life or relationships with other family members, a feeling that a loved one who has passed is still around (the client may have seen a spirit, felt the spirit's presence or noticed strange happenings, often with electronic equipment), a need to resolve past relationship issues with an ancestor, or just a desire to know that an loved ancestor is doing fine and is happy. All these and more can be achieved using ThetaHealing™, preferably in a face-to-face healing session so there can be immediate interaction between the client and the ancestor, with the therapist acting as a communication channel.

Bringing Healing To A Broken Soul
During your lifetime on Earth the intensity and harshness of living can almost overpower us so that we feel empty inside and feel that we lack any resilience to continue with this life. When a person passes on at the end of their earthly life, their soul is healed by the Creator. ThetaHealing™ can be used to recreate and heal a broken soul while the person is still living in this lifetime. This re-creation of the soul will heal the overwhelming emptiness that the person may feel in their life, allowing them to experience the joy and juice of living once again.

Retrieving Soul Fragments
We all make and break many relationships in our lifetime. Some may be superficial while others may be deep, emotional and enduring. When deep relationships end it is common for the departing person to take with them part of the other's soul. Over time a person may feel that they have lost much of their soul, they may feel 'soulless' or that their soul has been destroyed. These 'lost' parts of a person's soul can be retrieved quite simply, cleaned by the Creator and reinstalled into the person's soul, giving a feeling of completeness and fullness to their life again.

Sending Love to You as a Baby in the Womb
You are aware of everything around you and everything that happens to you from the moment of conception. Your mother's feelings, emotions and beliefs, as well as any chemicals in her blood stream, all affect you. Between conception and birth there are many stresses which the baby may suffer and which may affect their later growth and life during this lifetime. It may be that you have been adversely affected by drugs, negative emotions or physical violence during the time that your mother was pregnant with you, and you may not even know these things at the conscious level. However, at the subconscious level they may be affecting your life very profoundly, possibly producing fear and anger, causing you to judge others and yourself harshly, and certainly preventing you from experiencing true joy, love and success in your life. Sending love to you as a baby in your mother's womb can cancel these negative effects and allow you to become all that you can be in a joyful and loving manner.

A 'Normal' Psychic Reading of Possible Future Events Affecting Your Life
Time is only a factor in this life plane. In the spiritual realm time does not exist as it does here, everything from past, present and future being available to experience at any moment. Thus, from the spiritual realm, it is possible to obtain a reading of the likely events that could happen to you on the earthly plane in what we call the future. It is very important to realise that the predictions from any reading are just that, predictions. They are based on the supposition that you will make no changes to your life between now and the time for which the prediction is made. Therefore, if you wish to incorporate belief changes and other ThetaHealing™ techniques into your healing process, these should be done before a reading because they will most certainly cause great changes in the predicted outcomes.

The important factor to remember about any reading is that it is not cast in stone, it is always subject to change and can be changed by you. You always have free will and choice. At any time you can choose a different path which will change the result predicted by the reading. You can always choose your response to any situation, your course of action, how you are feeling at any particular moment in time, how you perceive a particular situation, and every other facet of your life. In making these choices and exercising your free will you are expressing yourself as the co-creator that you are, which is the reason for you choosing to come into this lifetime.

Changing DNA and Genetic Programmes
Your DNA carries the blueprint for who you are. It is generally considered that it is unchangeable, inherited from your ancestors and passed on, mingled with the DNA of your partner, to your children. While at the physical level this appears to be true, I believe that at the spiritual level your DNA can be changed. This belief is reinforced by epigenetic research carried out by Dr Bruce Lipton and others in which DNA was shown to change in response to environmental changes. This means that if, for example, you have arthritis and you believe that this has been handed down from a parent and a grandparent, and that there is high probablility that your children will also receive this 'defective' gene, then a ThetaHealer™ is able to ask Creator to 'pull' that gene and alter it in your life and in the lives of your children. Notice also that these are beliefs; your body will manifest what you believe it is going to manifest. So if your father and grandfather both 'died' from bowel cancer in their 30s, and you believe that you will probably do the same, what will your body manifest? The client I treated who had manifested bowel cancer in his 30s was convinced he was 'dying', he almost had his grave dug. After a Journey healing session he walked out pain-free for the first time in months and a subsequent biopsy attempt found that there was nothing to biopsy.

It is important to remember that dis-eases which are apparently inherited may be due to non-physical behavioural characteristics, e.g. stress, toxins, nutrition. Many supposedly inherited dis-eases, such as arthritis, can also be due to the retention and stuffing down of negative emotions. It is therefore important to release these stored emotions in a Journey process so that you are then able to remain free from any dis-ease generated by yourself in this lifetime.

So changing your DNA programming using ThetaHealing™ is a very powerful method of changing your own outcomes in just about any area of your life. When associated with the Journey therapy, it also allows you to clear out the traumas brought by you from past lifetimes, inherited from ancestors and accumulated during this lifetime.

There are a great many more specific things that ThetaHealing™ can achieve in preventing dis-ease and assisting in the healing of dis-ease symptoms that you are manifesting, changing your life to be more healthy, wholesome and enjoyable, and providing spiritual awareness, guidance and knowledge of who you really are and what you really can achieve. Give me a call or to find out how ThetaHealing™ can help you now.
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