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Changing Beliefs Using ThetaHealing™

Core beliefs are those beliefs which programme our bodies, minds, emotions and possibly our souls to think, behave, act, speak, react in the ways that they do. They are extremely powerful. An example of these beliefs is given by Dr Edgar Mitchell, an astronaut who walked on the moon as part of the Apollo space program, in his book The Way of the Explorer. He describes how his mother. who was a devout Christian, was healed overnight from being legally blind to being able to see perfectly without glasses, and how overjoyed she was by that. A few days later she phoned Dr Mitchell and asked if he knew whether her healer, a Tibetan, was a Christian. He responded that he was not, as a Tibetan he was a Bhuddist. His mother's sight then deteriorated rapidly to almost how it was before the healing occurred. This deterioration was due entirely to the mother's core belief that healing had to come from either Christ or Satan, and so if the healer was not a Christian, then her healing must be satanic and so she rejected it.

Your core beliefs therefore rule your life. The amazing part is that we do not consciously know these beliefs or set them in place. They develop from an accumulation of experiences - trial and error - during which our inner self or subconscious analyses what happened during each experience and creates a belief based on what it learnt from that experience. If a particular type of experience only happened once, then it is unlikely that any life-limiting belief would be formed. The more frequently a particular situation occurred, the stronger will be the belief.

Some examples of these beliefs, their development and effects on your life.
A young child's parents separate and the child lives with her mother and never sees her father again. After a short time her mother cannot cope with her any longer, and passes her off to a well-meaning friend. A few months later the friend also cannot manage and so passes the child to a grandparent, who also after a brief time needs to pass the child onto an orphanage. From there the child enters several foster homes during the next few years, and finally leaves as a teenage adult. Over the next ten years or so this adult has many relationships but each one fails. Even though she wants each to last, even though each guy is more perfect than the last, even though she and he are both devastated when the relationship ends, each relationship does end.

So what is really happening here? As a child the inner self or subconscious processed each experience when her caregiver changed. She would just get to love and trust one person when, from her perspective, that person would leave. So she developed a core belief "Everyone I love leaves me". Having this belief, she then is forced to act it out in adult life, destroying each successive relationship. ThetaHealing™ for this is very simple and can be quick - a belief change to "Everyone I love shares love with me and nurtures and cherishes me" should see that person well on the way to a happy, healthy, loving, lasting and joyful relationship.

But it may not, for the same reason that Dr Mitchell's mother's sight deteriorated after she was healed. Another very common belief people have is that "Healing takes time" and this may also be associated with beliefs that "Only doctors can heal" or "Spiritual healing doesn't work" or other similar beliefs. If those are held and not changed, then the body will have a conflict and will tend to reject the original belief change. So the art of ThetaHealing™ is to test to ensure that all the beliefs necessary for healing are in congruence. These types of beliefs may be changed to "Healing can happen instantly" and "Anybody can heal", both of which happen to be true.

Beliefs also relate to your expectations of good or poor health, life span, success in all aspects of your life and what you 'deserve' in life. It is common these days for families to have particular inherited health characteristics, e.g. a susceptibility to cancer, arthritis or heart problems. It is also common for the media to promote testing for particular illnesses, e.g. breast, cervical and prostate cancer, and measurement of cholesterol levels and blood pressure, or to promote vaccination against all sorts of illnesses, e.g. bird 'flu' and meningitis. Unfortunately these health expectations and campaigns are very likely to program your belief system in such a way that you may become more likely to have these dis-eases and illnesses. E.g. a client came to me absolutely convinced he had bowel cancer and was dying. He almost had his grave dug. His father and grandfather had both died of bowel cancer in their 30s, and he was in his late 30s. So he had a powerful program there that was limiting his life expectation. I was not doing ThetaHealing™ at that time so used the Journey to change his belief (among other things). Immediately after the session his pain was gone, he could eat without pain, and later that week he had a completely clean biopsy.

It is important to note that the dis-ease and illnesses which may result from unsupportive beliefs are not psychosomatic, they are real, or as real as anything is in this life. The symptoms which are observed do exist, the effects are real, the dis-eases that develop may be fatal. It is very possible that the unhealthy beliefs you hold could have affected the illness. Changing the beliefs can occur in a few moments and can positively influence the symptoms your body is manifesting.

So what deep core beliefs are causing you to limit your achievements in life? How is your health suffering due to your beliefs? Would it be worthwhile finding out and changing them? If you decide to do this or wish to discuss it with me, please
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