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The Power of Neediness

I was talking with a client recently who felt that she had lots of emotions surfacing and was so attached to these emotions that she just couldn't let them go. She told me she really felt like she needed a 'melt down'. I asked her what was stopping her having this, and she said that she had nobody to support her. So I told her that if she rang me before she had her melt down I would go to her and support her. She thanked me, after checking that I was serious, and we then discussed a few other things. She then said that since she knew that I would be there to support her in a melt down, she now felt that she didn't need to have a melt down!

A little later during the same phone call, she told me that she had been out of work for a while and she really needed work (she did temping work for an agency). So she phoned an orchard and got a job repacking fruit the following week. Half an hour after she got that work, the temping agency phoned and told her that they had work for her all the following week. When I spoke to her a bit later she told me that she now had several job offers.

In the first situation, the need for the melt down was only there because she felt that she could not have it. You see this with children - they 'reeeealy need' something and pester their parents until the parents give in and buy it. Then once they have it, they discard it shortly afterwards and 'reeeealy need' something else. So it is not the item that is needed, it is overcoming the obstacle to the need being gratified that gives them the high. This often becomes addictive, and people will simply continue to have more and more 'needs', which with the easy credit situation and aggressive marketing of unnecessary items, quickly leads to having a pile of useless goods, a mounting debt and an uncontrollable desire to buy just about anything.

In the second situation, a Universal Law comes into play. This Universal Law states that you attract what you focus your thoughts on. So the more you become attached to neediness for something and think about your need, the more likely you are to continue to have this need and the less likely you are to receive the object that you desire. It is only by stating the need as a desire, knowing that this will be fulfilled in due course and relaxing in this knowledge, and thinking and feeling as you will when you have what it is you desire, that you are able to obtain that which you desire. Once the need for work was no longer there, then work could appear. If you focus on needing work, money, friends, whatever, then that is what you will receive more of - the need for these things. If, however, you focus on having these things, then you will receive more of them. So instead of thinking 'oh poor me, I don't have something', focus your thoughts instead on how you will feel when you do have that, and feel like you will when you have it. That way the Universe can provide it for you.

The Journey can help you clear out 'needful' addictions and can assist you in changing your thoughts from neediness to abundance, thereby allowing the Universe to manifest that abundance in your life. It can also help you lose your attachment to things by showing you that everything you really need is already here in vast quantities. This allows you to just relax, lose your attachment to the blockages in your life, and let life flow more easily.

An excellent DVD called "The Secret" expands upon the Law of Attraction and is well worth while viewing.


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