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Special Children - the latest evolutionary trends in our species?

We have evolved as sentient beings from somewhere and something. There are those who consider that we have evolved from apes, others firmly believe we were greated by a Creator or a higher being or energy whose existence is unquestioned and whose nature can vary depending on our beliefs. Whatever your beliefs regarding the evolution or creation of humans, there can be no doubt that humans have evolved during their time on Earth. Much of this evolution has been the result of advances in technology, and there are many who would argue that these technological advances have been made possible by some form of intervention from a divine or spiritual source. Regardless of how this evolution has taken place, apart from basic body shape, there is little similarity between a modern-day human and a human who lived 1000 years ago - or 10,000 years ago.

However, as people have evolved and have learnt more about this evolution process, there has been an almost tacit acceptance that, as a race, we have evolved as far as we can. We are at the pinnacle of human evolution, the final product. Are we justified in this assumption?

There are many people who think that we are not, that the modern-day humans on Earth today are simply the present stage of a continuing evolution process, and in fact they consider that many of the children being born now and during the past few decades are very special. These children were initially classified as Indigo Children, but more recently other categories of children have been recognised and are known as Crystal Children and Rainbow Children.

The first Indigo Children were born in the early 1940s. These have been considered to be the forerunners of the larger influx of Indigo Children which occurred during the 1960s to 1970s. I firmly believe that I was one of these Indigo cChildren forerunners and I tick almost every box as far as being categorised as an Indigo Child is concerned. From about 1980 the number of Indigo Children decreased with Crystal Children making their appearance. Crystal Children became more common during the 1980s and 1990s. After the advent of the new millenium, Rainbow Children started to make an appearance, often having parents who were Crystal Children.

This progression appears to have been carefully calculated to minimise the effects on both parents and children of the difference that is apparent between parents and children. This has enabled Indigo Children to develop their inherent abilities in time (sometimes) to be able to assist their Crystal offspring, who in turn have developed their abilities to enable them to parent the much more advanced Rainbow Children currently making their presence known. Possibly the major concern is that administration policies and methods have changed little during the past 60 years while these evolutionary changes have been proceeding rapidly.

Is this the end of the cycle? Probably not. The next few decades should provide a great many challenges and much interest. Enjoy the ride.

Indigo Children

The reason for the term 'Indigo' is that, in Nancy Ann Tappe's 1982 book Understanding your Life through Color, she categorises people according to their 'life colour' which she intuitively 'sees'. These new children have a life colour of deep blue or indigo.

Characteristics of Indigo Children

According to Lee Carroll and Jan Tober's book The Indigo Children, the ten most common traits shared by Indigo Children are:
"They come into the world with a feeling of royalty (and often act like it).
They have a feeling of "deserving to be here," and are surprised when others don't share that.
Self worth is not a big issue, they often tell the parents "who they are".
They have difficulty with absolute authority (authority without explanation or choice).
They simply will not do certain things; for example waiting in line is difficult for them.
They get frustrated with systems that are ritual-oriented and don't require creative thought.
They often see better ways of doing things, both at home and at school, which makes them seem like "system busters"(nonconforming to any system).
They seem antisocial unless they are with their own kind. If there are no others of like kind around them, they often turn inward, feeling that no other human understands them. School is often extremely difficult for them socially.
They will not respond to "guilt" discipline (Wait till your father gets home and finds out what you did").
They are not shy in letting you know what they need."

Some Indigo Children also display giftedness or specific talents which are advanced for their age, but this is not necessarily a criterion for establishing whether or not a child is an Indigo Child.

Types of Indigo Children

In Carroll and Tober's book, Nancy Ann Tappe states that she considers that "... 90 percent of children under ten are Indigos." She says that she first started to notice Indigos in about 1982, but it is likely that they have been around even before that. This means that there are many 'Indigo Adults' around as well.

Tappe recognises four different categories of Indigo Children:

Humanist - these are people who will serve the masses as doctors, lawyers, teachers, salesmen, politicians and businessmen. They are extremely social, willing to talk to anyone, anytime, and they are hyperactive. They are awkward in using their bodies, are easily distracted, cannot play with just one toy but need to bring them all out, mostly unused. They are ferocious readers, reading anything and everything they can find even from a very early age.

Conceptual - these people are more into projects than other people. They will become the engineers, architects, designers, pilots, astronauts, and military officers. They are not clumsy in their bodies, and are often athletes. They have control issues, boys trying most often to control their mother and girls their father, with consequent problems if they succeed. They have tendencies towards addictions, especially drugs as a teenager, and parents must beware of and ignore instructions like 'don't go near my room'.

Artist - very sensitive and often (but not always) smaller in size. They are creative, into the arts, and will be tomorrow's teachers, artists, actors, musicians, surgeons and researchers. "Between the ages of four and ten, they may pick up 15 different creative arts, do one for five minutes then put it down." Tappe advises parents "Don't buy the instruments, rent them." because they may "work with five or six different instruments until they get to their teenage years, when they will pick one field or endeavor and become an artist in it."

Interdimensional - these children are larger than the other indigos and at one or two years of age you cannot tell them anything. They say "I know that. I can do it. Leave me alone." These are the Indigo Children who will bring new philosophies and new religions into the world. They can be bullies because they are so much bigger than other children and because they don't fit in as well as the other three types do.

All Indigo Children, and especially the Interdimensional ones (who are thought to have had previous life experiences on a different planet), are intuitive, meaning that they seem to have another source of knowledge and wisdom besides the normal home, school and social environments in which they mingle. They are also psychic, although this is often diminished due to lack of belief by adults, and they can detect inauthenticity very easily. They are also able to heal, but this gift also suffers from lack of use and belief. If adults lie to Indigo Children, these children know they are being lied to and do not know how to reconcile what they feel inside (the truth) with what the adults tell them. This leads to huge frustration.

For many Indigos, Earth is not a friendly place. When they are young, they are often not respected as people, not treated as individuals, and certainly not understood. While they may have a high self esteem, this is not recognised or reinforced by adults and other children, which causes confusion which the child often expresses as frustration, anger and possibly violence. Often school is a very real trial for Indigos, who rebel against apparently arbitrary rules, timetables and being frequently talked down to, lied to and belittled. Schools are generally not equipped to cope with Indigos, and often their response to the child's 'behaviour problems' is to treat it as a medical problem, which all too often results in the child being 'diagnosed' with 'ADD' or 'ADHD'. These are 'treated' by drugging the child in an attempt to narcotise them to the extent that their behaviour becomes acceptable to the school and society at large. (It is reported in a 1996 study by Johns Hopkins University Medical School that the number of youths taking Ritalin (methylphenidate) for ADHD doubled between 1990 and 1995.) The parents are often willing co-conspirators in this drug ploy, feeling relief when their child ceases to place constant demands on them for their time and when the child's behaviour becomes more acceptable to society.

Raising Healthy Indigo Children

In Carroll and Tober's book, Dr Doreen Virtue provides guidance for parents regarding spiritual aspects of parenting an Indigo Child. She states that "Indigo Children have been incarnated at this time for a very sacred reason: to usher in a new society based on honesty, cooperation and love." She says that it is important to "...speak the truth in a loving way. This way, you become a positive role model who shows children how to honour their emotions."

Generally, advice to parents of Indigo Children can be summarised as follows:
Communicate clearly with your child, listening carefully to what they are telling you, seeing what they are seeing from their viewpoint, and speaking at a level that they can understand and from a place of peace and harmony. (OK, I know that's really difficult in the heat of the moment, so...)
Know when and when not to talk with your child. If you are tense, worried, frustrated or concerned, that is not a good time to speak constructively with any child. Give both the child and yourself time out before discussing the issues with integrity.
Prepare yourself and your child beforehand if possible. Tell the child what will be happening and why, and ask them how they will behave in that situation. This gives them choice and provides practice in decision making. It also lets them know that you trust them and are willing for them to make decisions.
Use a consequences-based behaviour model. All children, and especially Indigos, need to be allowed to suffer (non-fatal) consequences of their actions. Discuss these before the child is faced with a situation so they can become familiar with thinking of these consequences in their minds before deciding what consequences to face in reality.
Become your child's friend as well as their parent. This means that you will develop a relationship with your child that is based on mutual trust and integrity.
Be willing to change yourself to accommodate differences between how you would like your child to be and how they actually are. This means that you will accept that your child is different and will not consider this is a reason to unnecessarily drug or control your child.
Consider alternative schooling for your child if they have difficulty 'fitting in' with 'normal' school systems. Other systems which are possibly better suited for educating Indigos are Montessori Schools and Rudolph Steiner Schools. If you are able, home schooling is possibly the greatest gift you can give to your Indigo Child.

Examples of Indigo Children from my Practice

I have been blessed to work with several Indigo Children and with the parents of others. A few examples of these include:

(Possibly Humanist type as she is willing to approach and talk to anyone without the normal shyness which children of this age often display.) A young girl aged 1 year 10 months who is able to read words from a book, can beat in time with music and hum in tune, can count to 10 and can carry out a very lucid and rational conversation with a wide vocabulary. On occasions she also becomes extremely frustrated and angry to the point of violence.

(Possibly Interdimensional, having a knowing without being able to say where it came from.) A child of 4 years 10 months who suffered from food allergies - mainly dairy and wheat. Her parents were very willing for me to do an allergy cure Journey process with her, but she would not do this. When she was refusing she seemed to have an inner knowing that somehow it was not the right time. Although she was not willing to give any reasons for her decision, nevertheless she was adamant. She also appeared to be very determined once she had made up her mind about something, and was able to focus on what she was doing, largely ignoring parental instructions. I did some Journey work with her mother, and a few weeks after that the child asked if she could have the allergy cure process. After this process she ate a small piece of cheese with no adverse reaction.

(Probably Artist, she is very able and enthusiatic in her painting.) A 7 year old girl had severe allergies to dairy, wheat, dust and fur, and also had severe eczema over her whole body. She is a very active child and her parents cater to this by providing a stimulating home environment. I did an allergy cure process over the phone with her for the food allergies, and the following day she had lost 50% of the eczema and was able to eat any food she wanted. Over the summer holidays the eczema disappeared and there was no sign of food allergies. When I visited her we cleared out her dust and fur allergies very successfully. Her mother noticed that her eczema returned at a mild level a few weeks after she returned to school. She finds school very unstimulating and boring, and would far rather paint pictures, which they 'never' do at school. It is likely that her creativity is not finding an outlet thus choosing to manifest as eczema (i.e. finding an outlet through the skin).

(Probably Interdimensional) An 8 year old girl who healed from dairy and wheat allergies after an allegy cure process. While eating lunch with her family, she commented that she had seen her grandfather (who had passed over a few years ago) and that she frequently had conversations with him. I asked her if she could see anything around people (meaning auras, but not wanting to lead) and she initially said she could not. I then asked about any light around people, to which she replied "Oh that! Yes of course, everybody sees that. I thought you meant rings around their stomach or something." Clearly she is seeing auras and accepting this as perfectly normal. She and her siblings are all being wonderfully home schooled by their doting parents.

As an ex-teacher and father of several children, all of whom fit the Indigo criteria, I am very interested in Indigo Children. If you have a child who you consider to be an Indigo Child, I would welcome your emails to telling me about your child, and about any specific issues your child has had with you, as parents, or with schools or other authorities. If you have any questions or concerns about your Indigo Child, I would be very willing to discuss these with you and offer what advice I can. If possible and with your permission, I would like to add these anonymously to this website to assist others who may face similar situations.

Contributors' Stories

The following are genuine contributions from readers discussing their own Indigo children. All stories are used with permission. Names may have been changed if requested.

Karin's story:

"My daughter has recently helped me stay on track with my life purpose.

  I was recently very worried about a great job opportunity (full-time) I was being offered. My daughter had a dream where she said mommy was driving away in the car, taking a path. When I asked what color was the path, thinking (red, purple, etc.). She said black. I immediately knew the job was not for me and was indeed a "test" for me.

  Another decision point; keep my daughter in daycare or stay home with her full-time and work on my creative visionary projects. My daughter said "I think you could work at home with me, Mommy".

  My daughter is 2 1/2 and is very tall, seemingly psychic and truly here to guide me."

Crystal Children

It is thought that Crystal Children are the second wave of Special Children sent to Earth to cause radical changes. These children appear very peaceful and 'knowing', with the ability to look right through you into the core of your being. They tend to be very quiet abd calm, often being thought of as being 'cruisy' children because they are so undemanding.

They may excell at school and often seem to have some other source of information which allows them to display wisdom far in excess of their years. They are generally uncomplicated and show remmarkable tolerance to 'ordinary' people who do not understand them.

It is generally considered that Crystal Children were sent here to be the parents of the Rainbow Children described below.

Rainbow Children

These children are aften the children of adult Crystal Children. They are believed to be in their first incarnation on planet Earth and hence have no 'baggage' with them from previous lifetimes here. They have a great sense of purpose, a very obvious inner knowing of things without actually knowing how they know and they are amazingly psychic. These traits can create difficulties in parenting because it is often disconcerting, even for a Crystal adult, to have your child apparently know more than you do.

Examples of situations that can arise with a Rainbow Child are epitomised by a couple of incidents with my Rainbow grandson who is currently 4 years old. I was doing some work at his home and, as I know he likes to 'help', I bought him a small hammer so he could hammer nails into offcuts of timber. I had mentioned the hammer to my wife, who had told nobody. I also bought some yellow tape measures and decided that I would give him the small one - I told nobody of that intention. When we started work I remembered the hammer and said that I had something for him. I brought it back from the car hidden behind my back and asked him what he thought I had for him. "A hammer" he replied. I asked him how he knew and he said that he just knew. So I gave him the hammer and about 20 minutes later he asked me when i was going to give him his other present. "Waht other present?" I asked. He replied "You know, the yellow one." So of course I got him his yellow tape measure out of the car and gave it to him. A few months earlier, when he was 3, I had a cold and decided to stay in bed for the morning. Shortly after that I received a phone call from his mother (my daughter) from about 500km away asking if I was okay. I replied that I was in bed with a cold - why had she phoned? She said that her son had insisted she phone me because "Grandad was sad", which was his way then of telling her that I was unwell.

Other characteristics of this Rainbol grandson are that he will quite frequently just stop what he is doing and appear to attend fully to something else for up to about 2 minutes, before continuing with what he was doing earlier. It is almost as though he is receiving instructions or teaching from some extra-terrestrial source. He will also play with 'invisible friends', carrying out sophisticated and sustained conversations with someone who is invisible to 'normal' people.

Before he could walk he was able to see spirits. Both his parents are quite intuitive and had detected a spirit family living in the house with them. My grandson, about 1 year old, could also see these spirits and, according to my son-in-law who could also see them, he would 'round them up' into a corner of the room. The spirit family were apparently quite scared of this little 1 year old crawling after them across the floor.

It is really important to remember that these Special Children are our future and that their life's purpose is to change the world - literally. Treasure them and nurture them so that they can achieve this purpose.

Useful References:

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And for another opinion on the validity of Indigo Children:

and many other websites - Google "Indigo Children"
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