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Downloading Feelings using ThetaHealing™

There is the old joke about the custom's declaration form for travellers which asked "Has anyone put anything in your case that you don't know about?" Obviously this is not able to be answered because if you don't know about it you, well, just don't know.

The same is true for feelings. If you have had a totally dreadful and loveless upbringing, how can you possibly know what love and joy feel like? How can a child being raised in a war zone know what safety and security feel like?

One aspect of ThetaHealing™ that is extremely powerful is the ability to download feelings and Creator's definition of feelings. These would often be downloaded after a belief change. For example, if a boy had a loveless upbringing with abusive parents, it is unlikely that he would know what it felt like to be loved, cherished, safe or secure. Therefore, while ThetaHealing™ can change the belief "I am unsafe" to a belief "I am safe", this might leave the subconscious confused because it does not know what this thing called safe feels like. Therefore, I would follow this belief change with downloads to teach the person what safety felt like, what Creator's definition of safety is and what it feels like to live his life feeling safe. This would mean that he could immediately benefit from the belief change without having to experiment to find out what safety is, and possibly get an incorrect interpretation.

Common emotions that would be downloaded would be love, joy, safety, happiness, freedom, gratitude, success and abundance. Notice they are all positive emotions - unfortunately most people know how the negative emotions feel all too well. It is also important to download Creator's definition of these so that confusion does not result, e.g. confusion of love with lust or limiting it only to sexual love.

So if you're short of a few positive feelings or wonder why you can't seem to feel anything in situations when you think you should feel something, perhaps help is just a phone call or email away. Feeling downloads are quick and easy to do and can be done from a distance. However, they are best done after beliefs have been changed, and beliefs are best changed in a healing session because of the need to test these beliefs. So contact me now to discuss feeling downloads and bring joy and love into your life.
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