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Benefits in Business

In business it is important to be able to focus on what is happening now, while still learning from what happened in the past and planning for what you wish to happen in the future. It is very easy to become fixated on one of these areas to the detriment of the others. This can occur in many ways, for example:
  • interpersonal relationship problems with a particular customer can cause you to be hesitant in contacting that customer and possibly other customers;
  • home problems brought to work may influence your productivity and possibly even create a hazard in the workplace due to lack of attention;
  • or a perceived failure (e.g. to gain a promotion, receive a raise in pay, secure a sale) may dwell on your mind and reduce your productivity.
Conversely, you may bring home problems which you have encountered at work and this preoccupation may seriously affect your relationships with your loved ones. This may start a viscious cycle in which your realisation of the deteriorating relationships at home can lower your productivity at work, which in turn creates more stress and further damages relationships at home.

You may also have beliefs that are limiting your productivity and financial success. Many people have negative beliefs centred around abundance, maybe believing that they do not deserve success or money, that there is never enough so it is mportant to save what you have rather than invest it or use it wisely. Many people have the beliefs that they are not good enough, that they can never be good enough, and that they must punish themselves, so they do this either physically or financially. All these beliefs and many more can be preventing you from achieving to your higest potential.

By undertaking a therapy session you will be able to understand the initial causes of these problems and release these causes so that they no longer have any power to influence you. You will also be able to identify negative beliefs that are limiting your business and financial success, replacing them with far healthier positive beliefs that will ensure your success in all aspects of life. This will allow you to really optimise your productivity, manage your financial assets and create constructive relationships in your workplace with other staff and clients, and with your loved ones at home. Having these healthy relationships will lower your stress levels and boost your self esteem, creating greater physical, mental and emotional health for yourself and for all with whom you interact.

If you are involved in selling, especially if you do any cold-calling, you will know the feeling of losing a sale or of being interrupted and having what you are saying totally ignored. Living with this rejection on a daily basis is very unhealthy because it generates negative energy, which may be stored in your body or your aura. It is also self-defeating as this negative energy is subtly transferred to future potential clients, making it more likely that they also will refuse you. However, the worst aspect of this is that the stored rejection and other negative emotions will very likely cause illness or dis-ease. The Journey and ThetaHealing™ will allow you to clear out this negativity from wherever it is stored in your physical body and replace it with positive enthusiasm. It will also provide you with the tools necessary to undertake this internal cleansing yourself whenever you feel it is needed. This will enable you to increase your productivity without requiring you to work longer or harder.

Isn't it time you were able to really make progress in your business and financial life?

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