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Physical Healing using ThetaHealing™

Physical healing using ThetaHealing™ is accomplished by the therapist firstly doing a scan of the client's body with the client's permission, asking to be shown what needs to be healed. For me, this is shown as the organ or area being lit up brightly while the remainder of the body is less brightly lit. Sometimes the healing required will be obvious, e.g. a broken bone, but at other times it will be subtle and shown as a feeling or a metaphor, e.g. if a person's adrenal glands are not working, the therapist may 'see' a picture of these glands looking flat and tired or perhaps 'see' these glands lying back in deck chairs at the beach, with sunglasses on, sipping cool drinks and generally being on holiday, or perhaps get a feeling of tiredness associated with a picture of these glands.

Once the area requiring healing has been found, the therapist again goes to the seventh plane and makes a request for the healing to take place. This may be a specific healing, e.g. for a broken bone to mend, or it may be a more general healing such as requesting that whatever healing needs to take place be done for the highest and best for the client. Then the therapist will go back into the client's space and watch as the healing takes place, assisting when asked. While this is spiritual healing, quantum physics principles come into play here as in quantum physics things are not considered to be 'real' until they have been observed. This is why the observation phase is so important with ThetaHealing™, and the therapist will continue to observe until being told that all healing is complete. At that time the therapist may conclude the healing session or continue with further physical, emotional or spiritual healing.

It is important to realise that the healing performed here does not come from the therapist but from the Creator through the therapist. The therapist is in communication with the Creator at all times during the healing, asking for clarification of what is 'seen' or felt, asking for guidance about what to do or where to go next, and after the healing is completed, asking for advice to give the client, belief changes that need to be done or any spiritual healing that would be beneficial. Thus your healing will always be in complete congruence with your inner self, there will be no adverse side effects and the healing you receive will be uniquely designed for you alone.

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