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ThetaHealing™ teaching

As a qualified ThetaHealing™ teacher for ThetaHealing™ DNA 1&2 Basic, DNA 2 Advanced and Manifesting Abundance courses, I am qualified to run these courses and to assist other ThetaHealing™ teachers on courses they run.

One system to enable a large number of people to be taught and gain the benefits of ThetaHealing™ is for a person to host a ThetaHealing™ course. There are benefits in doing this both for the person doing the hosting and for the community from which participants are drawn.

So if you have a group of friends who would like to experience ThetaHealing™ and learn how to heal themselves, or if you are active in a community group or simply have an urge to help your community and would like ThetaHealing™ as a means of improving the health and raising the energy of the whole community, please for further details.

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