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Absent (or distant) healing is the application of a healing process when the physical body of the person being healed is not present with the healer. To those who are accustomed to conventional medical practice, this will sound very strange and will beg the question "If the person's body is not present, then how can there be anything there to heal?" To answer this and other questions about absent healing, we need to first consider the concept of what is a person.

As mentioned in the energy healing section, a person can be considered to consist of a physical body of flesh and blood surrounded by an energy body or aura which extends strongly a short distance from the physical body and weakly to everywhere there is, thus connecting a person to the Universal Oneness of which we are all part. Illness, injury and dis-ease is manifested not only in the physical body but also in the energy body.

There are two methods I use for distant healing:
1. The method I used initially, whereby I called for the person to be healed to come to my healing table and I would work with that person there.
2. The use of ThetaHealing™ to connect with the person being healed and for me to 'visit' that person in spirit and perform the healing there.

An example using the first method: If I am healing a person for a sore back by absent healing, I will ask for that person to be present in spirit on my healing table. I will then communicate with them silently or aloud, greeting them, welcoming them to the healing and asking if there is anything they would like to tell me about their dis-ease. I will then use the same detection methods as I would for a person whose physical body was present to detect any blockages, dis-ease, blocked chakras or other health problems. The detection feels exactly the same whether a person is there in physical form or in energy form. I am able to clear the aura, start chakras, and carry out any hands-on healing or other energy healing necessary in exactly the same manner as I would if the physical body was present. After the absent healing is complete, I thank the energy body for being here and instruct it to return to the physical body.

For the person being healed, the effect is exactly the same as it would be if that person's physical body was being healed. For example, after completing a Journey healing process, a client asked me to use absent healing to continue checking on his progress and providing healing as necessary. I did this. For the first few days after the Journey process I was able to detect the dis-ease in his body, but each day it grew weaker. After a few days I could not detect any dis-ease present at the site of the original dis-ease, and a subsequent biopsy could find nothing there either.

On occasion I have received a text message from a client asking for absent healing. Once I have completed this I have sent a message asking how she is now, to be told that the pain disappeared a few moments ago and she is now fine. On other occasions I have had a client with me in the room and have asked for their energy body to be present on the healing table while the client's physical body still sat in the chair. I then carry out the healing on the energy body of that person on the table and find that the person's physical body immediately feels the effects of the treatment which I am applying to their energy body.

Using ThetaHealing™ for distant healing: ThetaHealing™ is the perfect process for healing at a distance. Using the normal ThetaHealing™ techniques, I am able to look inside the person, 'travel' through their body and examine whatever needs to be examined. I can also 'see' their environment, observe any wayward spirits (entities) that may be in them and do everything else to diagnose their dis-ease that I would do if they were present. I can then ask for healing for what needs to be healed, and can download feelings for them if these are required. I can also change beliefs for them, but before I do that I need to obtain their specific permission, so I would email to suggest beliefs that would benefit from being changed and they will usually email back with permission.

Distant healing using ThetaHealing™ has proved to be extremely effective in a wide range of problems, from cancer to sore throats, changing beliefs, overcoming emotional distress and for removing wayward spirits and energy hooks from people. It is as powerful at a distance as it is face-to-face.

FREE Absent Healing Offer
To allow you to experience the benefits of absent or distant healing, I am offering you a totally FREE, no obligation absent healing session. If you feel that some healing is needed in your body, or that you have any physical, emotional or spiritual problem that you would like investigated, or maybe you would like another perspective on something relating to your health, you have only to email me and I will conduct a distant healing session with you as soon after I receive your request as I can. The minimum I require is your full name, age and geographical location. These details enable me to make sure I am working with the right person. Healing works best when I can make a firm connection with the person, so the more information you can give me about yourself and whatever it is you wish me to heal the easier and more effective will be the healing. I will carry out the absent healing for you and will send you a brief report by email. I will also carry out a healing on what I find and will suggest any beliefs that may be holding you back and which you may consider changing. You are in charge of the process after that, so if you want further healing just let me know.

Many distant healing clients have been astounded by the wonderful effects distant healing has had on their lives and the lives of their loved ones, often totally healing so-called incurable dis-ease in a matter of a few days. They have felt that they would like to make a tithe or donation for the healing they have received. While I emphasise that this healing is, and will remain for as long as possible, free of charge (I believe such healing should be available to everyone and not be limited by a person's financial situation), I also live in the 'real' world which includes the requirement to pay others.

Therefore, if you would like to make a donation or tithe, my bank account number is 020466-0066415-00 with Bank of New Zealand, Tauranga, New Zealand. I will gratefully accept these gifts so that I can keep this healing free to all who wish to receive it.

If you avail yourself of this free offer, please be advised that absent healing is simply one method of healing which may be effective. Healing in human beings is a complex, holistic process which depends upon the body, mind, spirit, beliefs and life's purpose of that person. If healing does not occur from a particular healing process, it may be that the person's dis-ease is present for a particular purpose which has not yet been fulfilled. For example, physical dis-ease may be there to teach the person something, or to teach a loved one of that person something, or it may be there to provide a message for that person or that person's family. Or perhaps that person has that dis-ease in this lifetime so they can experience passing from this lifetime in a particular manner or to fulfil a particular karmic destiny. A full therapy session including ThetaHealing™ and Journey may be able to provide the answers to these questions and may also enable the person to heal from that dis-ease. If you are too far away from me for a therapy session, I can possibly recommend a practitioner closer to you.
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