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Aura Healing

We are not just our visible body, we are also the energy field surrounding this body. That energy field is the aura. Some people are able to see auras very clearly, seeing the multiple layers of colour surrounding people. Others can see a brighter, lighter layer close to a person's physical body. Some can see nothing - yet. It is very much a case of 'when you believe it, you'll see it'.

In her book "Light Emerging", Barbara Ann Brennan describes the seven layers of the aura in detail. This is an excellent book if you wish to learn more about your aura. Briefly, your physical body and your aura are an interactive unit in which whatever is present in the aura will manifest in the physical body, and whatever is present on the physical body will transfer to the aura. Implications of this are quite profound. If you heal your body without healing your aura then the dis-ease may re-establish in your body from your aura. Similarly, if your body is apparently healthy but there is a latent dis-ease in your aura, this can manifest in your body quite quickly.

While physical trauma can cause dis-ease in your body, emotional trauma can cause dis-ease in your aura, which, if left unhealed, can manifest as dis-ease in your body.

Colin Lambert was a pioneer in developing what he called Magnetic Healing in which he detected and then removed this unhealthy energy from auras, thereby allowing the body to cure dis-eases including cancer. In my healing practise, I first use divining rods to detect negative energies in your aura. I then locate these energies using my hands as detectors (I feel the energies as heat) and scoop out these energies from your aura. This frees your body from the burden of negative auric energies and allows it to heal. I then smooth your aura down, removing any 'lumps' or abnormalities, and then recheck using divining rods to ensure that there are no other areas that need cleaning. (In case you are wondering, the negative 'dross' I remove is placed in an imagined container and after the healing, the container is consigned to Earth where I have the intention that it be changed to positive energy to benefit all humans, and so it is.)

It is important to note that no healing event is isolated from others, all are part of holistic healing. Thus, while your aura may now be totally clear, if there are negative emotions stored inside your body, these can 'reinfect' the aura quite quickly, preventing your body from healing. The Journey can be used to allow these negative emotions stored in your body to dissipate, thereby enabling your body to heal itself quickly and easily. Similarly, if your chakras (energy centres)are not operating effectively, your body is likely to manifest dis-ease in organs which are influenced by the defective chakras.

Therefore a normal healing session will include aura, chakra and Journey healing to maximise the benefits obtained from each of these. So if you have some dis-ease in your body which is unexplained or 'incurable' (curable from within), or you just want to check things out to prevent possible future dis-ease, or you just wish to discuss these healing methods in greater detail, please I'll look forward to it.
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