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After healing, most people simply get on with their lives. A few are generous enough to want to share their experience with others and in doing so, provide valuable insight into their healing process. I never ask anyone for a testimonial. If one is offered, then I certainly gratefully receive it and include it in this section of the website. Except for the correction of any minor typos, I never edit any testimonials and include them unaltered and complete. My sincere and humble thanks go to those who have contributed to this section.

From Katrina:

In August 2007 I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. To say the least I was pretty devastated. After a few months of trying to get my head around my illness and undergoing chemotherapy, I really started to think about what I could actively do to cure myself of this illness. I started to read a lot of self help books and positive thinking books because my mind has always been a bit of a shambles to say the least, clouded up with negative thoughts and past experiences that were not helping me in any way.

I was drawn to a lady at chemotherapy one day and we started talking. She told me about a man called Alan Willoughby of Lovelight Holistic Health Centre. She had been doing some healing work with him and highly recommended I see him. I made an appointment, which I almost cancelled on the day because it just seemed like it would be too much hard work! But I went and I am so glad I did. I have seen Alan twice now and I have undergone some amazing changes. I am feeling so positive and really believe in myself and my body’s ability to be happy and healthy. Needless to say I had a scan the other day and hey presto – I’m cured! I am reprogramming my mind and body and although it is challenging at times I know I will achieve the desired result.

Alan is a warm, caring person and I hope to do more work with him in the future, he is an amazing healer. I would thoroughly encourage anyone who is wanting to change and enhance their lives positively to visit Alan, you won’t regret it! Thank you Alan.

Success stories

Some healing which is achieved by Journey processes is very subtle and is noticed by the client as a change in attitude or response to stressful situations. Other healing can rightly be described as miraculous, as it was for Brandon Bays when she healed her tumour, and as it has been for some Lovelight clients.

The following is a small sample of the healing that has occurred as a result of Journey processes that I have facilitated.

* "A" wanted a Journey process to clear out past traumas associated with her mother. When she arrived she was in great pain and could barely walk due to having stretched tendons in her leg as a result of a fall (doctor’s diagnosis). Slowly and carefully she walked into the room, using the wall for support. She underwent an excellent Journey process, cleared out a great deal from the past, and slowly and carefully returned to her car and departed. At the 2 day follow-up she told me how she went home and slept for 2 hours after the process. When she awoke there was no pain from her leg and she found she was able to walk normally. At the one week follow-up she said it felt a “bit rubbery” for a couple of days but after a week it was perfectly normal and painless. She was feeling great in herself having cleared out all the past traumatic events, and also commented that for many years she had had scaly skin on her lower legs and because of that she always wore trousers. A few days after her Journey process she noticed that the scaly skin had been replaced by pristine new perfect skin. She participated in the Journey Intensive course when it came to Tauranga and was able to deepen into Source and clear out more stuff from her life.

* "B" lost his wife a couple of years ago and since then he has gone steadily downhill, suffering physical and mental trauma due to grief. He also put on a huge amount of weight. He had two Journey processes during which he spoke to his late wife, was able to let her go, asked for and received permission to find himself another partner, and received an assurance from his past wife that she would help him find someone suitable. During the next week he lost 40kg in fluid – he had been holding on to more than his wife! A few weeks later he and a very suitable woman both logged onto a dating website, met one another online and then physically, and have been an item ever since. Her husband had died at about the same time as B’s wife, and she is very well placed to be able to provide everything that B requires in his poor state of health. However, much of the physical damage had been done already. He was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver (he had never drunk alcohol) to such an extent that the liver could not recover and he was placed on a liver transplant list. He also developed an abdominal hernia due to the extra weight he had been carrying. In a further Journey process he visualised his liver and hernia healing. The following day he was admitted to hospital for a hernia operation as the split was healing, causing the hernia to become strangulated. He was discharged after 2 days by which time the operation incision was healed, much to the amazement of the doctors. During the Journey process his liver told him that it would heal and would take about a year to do so completely. After only a few weeks he feels very much better, is far more mobile and his liver function has improved.

During the next few months B was in and out of hospital and did very little to assist his own healing. His diet, degree of activity and, most importantly, mental attitude were not conducive to rapid healing. He would use language like "I will be OK when I get my new liver", which gave no encouragement to his own liver to heal (and the body is always listening). He has now had a liver transplant and has successfully recovered from this.

* "C" is a very outgoing person, very happy to talk to anyone one-on-one, but was very reluctant to talk to a group. She underwent a Journey process in which she dealt with her fear of public exposure. She needed to go back five lifetimes to find where this fear originated, and after that she was able to clear it out. At that time she was on a course with about 200 others. The evening after her Journey there was an impromptu sing-along and she was very willing to suggest songs to sing and even to sing parts of them solo. The next morning she stood up and addressed the whole 200 people, telling them how she had not been able to do that until she had her Journey process and cleared out the fear of public exposure.

* "D" is a very shy 8 year old child who was failing at school and was “very difficult” at home. After two very simply Kid’s Journey processes she was totally different. She is now very willing and achieving well at school and is very helpful, thoughtful and cooperative at home. She has lost her shyness – whereas before her Journey processes she would hide under her bed when a stranger arrived at home, now she will greet them at the door and introduce herself. The first time she did this, her mother was amazed, and D told her that she had “used her balloon of confidence”.

* "E" is another child who had very bad eczema. His parents had taken him to the doctor and nothing that had been tried had been effective in reducing the eczema. He had a short Journey process while on school camp, after which the eczema disappeared over a period of a few weeks.

* "F" had a great fear of creepy crawlies, especially spiders, and also has huge difficulty sleeping. He underwent a short Journey Phobia Cure and a couple of days later he told me that he walked into a large spider’s web with the “web and all its contents” covering his head. His only reaction was “Darn, now I’ll have to get cobwebs out of my hair.” He was totally unconcerned about the spider. A few days later he sent me a text saying “I have a spider crawling on my hand. I think I’ll keep it and call it Gerald. I’m going off to show it to my wife.” Obviously he is totally cured of his spider phobia. In addition to the Phobia Cure, he underwent a process to change his belief that it is difficult to go to sleep, replacing this belief with the belief that it is very easy to go to sleep when he wants to. Since then he has been sleeping extremely well without any need for pharmaceutical assistance.

Since the initial processes, F has had processes to cure his phobia of doing adventurous things, and he is now quite happy diving underwater (whereas before he would not even put his head under the shower). He also did an addiction cure to stop smoking, and has now been smokefree for three weeks and does not even feel like smoking.

* "G" is a 5 year old girl who jammed her finger, causing much pain. I performed a very simple Journey Pain Relief process on her after which the pain had gone. Her mother told me a few days later that G’s 8 year old brother had hurt himself and the mother had come across G teaching her brother how to relieve the pain. These processes are so simple even 5 year olds can use and teach them!

* "H" also had difficulty sleeping and had a very sore hip, probably needing a hip replacement according to her doctor. I performed a short Journey process on her to deal with both her sleeping and her hip pain, not dealing only with the pain but also dealing with the cause of the hip pain. Six days later she told me that she has been sleeping very easily and that the pain in her hip has about halved. The healing started by the Journey process will continue so that her hip will continue to improve with time.

* "J" was in great pain from a blocked bowel. His doctor has diagnosed that it was probably bowel cancer, and J was also certain that is was because his father had died at an early age from bowel cancer. J was scheduled for a biopsy but before he had that he came to me for a Journey, in the hope that it could help the cancer if it was cancer. J had an excellent Journey, clearing out many stored memories and finally visualising himself as hacking away at the blockage in his bowel with an axe. After the 3 hour Journey, J was really happy because for the first time for weeks he was without pain. We had lunch together and after that he still had no pain although he said that the pain usually became really bad after a meal. A week later he still was feeling fine with no pain. J had his scheduled biopsy 3 weeks after his Journey process and the results came back completely clear.

* "K" is a 7 year old child who lives about 500km away from Tauranga, where I live. She had bad eczema and severe food allergies. I worked with her over the phone, doing a short 15 minute process to reprogramme the way her body reacts to allergens. The following day her eczema was 50% gone. She went onto eating anything and everything with absolutely no adverse reactions. Her eczema completely cleared up over a period of a few weeks and she became a normal healthy child.

* "L, M and N" are children living about 3 hours drive away from me. I visited them for lunch one day and used a 15 minute process with them in a group to deal with their food allergies (wheat and dairy). The following night they had pizza and cream-filled doughnuts for dinner with absolutely no reaction. They can now eat any food without any signs of allergic reaction.

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