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Energy Healing

In an energy healer's world, everything is energy vibrating at different frequencies. Some frequencies of vibration are such that they are perceived as solid objects; some frequencies are not seen as objects but as light; and yet other frequencies are invisible to most people. That does not mean that they do not exist - after all, you cannot see radio and television waves yet few would argue that they do not exist.

Energy healing is the channelling of energy from the Universe to cause it to change the energy patterns within the energy field of a human body. This can occur in a wide variety of forms, from simply sending energy to an area of pain to help reduce that pain, to the other extreme where psychic surgery takes place on a person's physical body to rectify damage caused by dis-ease or trauma. Very often it is possible for apparently miraculous cures to be effected, and without the energy healer's concept of everything being energy, they may be inexplicable.

It is important to realise that the healer's role in the energy healing process is as a channel. The healer does not do the actual healing but rather creates the space and the environment to allow the Universal energy to cause the physical body to heal spontaneously.

Energy healing which I currently use in my practise includes the following:

Aura cleaning in which negative energy which has accumulated in your aura is removed and your aura is smoothed down so that it becomes healthy and supportive for your physical body. This will assist in eliminating dis-ease in your physical body which is due to the effects of negative energies in your aura.

Chakra balancing in which your chakras, energy centres in your aura, are assessed, opened and balanced so that they can healthily support those parts of your body and your personality for which they are responsible. This helps you to live a full, healthy, happy and fulfilling life and to have successful and satisfying relationsips with other people in all facets of your life.

Hands-on healing occurs when I place my hand or hands on an area of your your body which may be injured or have some form of dis-ease. This allows me to 'view' the situation inside this part of your body and to channel energy to cause this to heal and the pain to decrease or disappear completely.

The Journey is a method of clearing out negative emotions which are stored in your physical body at a cellular level. It is these negative cell memories which are the cause of many chronic and 'incurable' dis-eases. Once the cell memory is cleared, your body can heal itself perfectly and naturally without you having to do a thing. Dis-ease cannot co-exist with perfection.

Clearing of residual energies from people and places. This healing has two aspects to it. The first is the removal of negative energies from a space or object, which may be a building, a room or a piece of secondhand furniture; the second is the removal of negative energies from a person. As already mentioned, everything is energy, including humans and spirits. Therefore, I am able to remove spirits or entities from houses or rooms, and I am also able to remove invasive spirit entities from people (commonly called exorcism). Once these unwanted energies or entities are removed, the space is then filled with healing light to prevent their return.

Check out each of the pages relating to the above energy healing methods for more details. If you wish to about energy healing please do so; I'll look forward to hearing from you.
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