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Clearing Negative Energy and Entities

The spirit world exists in parallel with our own perceived physical world. Just because most people cannot see the spirit world does not mean that it does not exist, any more than not being able to see television waves or cellphone waves means that they do not exist. Frequently with the spirit world, when you believe you will see. Certainly I frequently have encounters with the spirit world on an almost daily basis and when you know what to look for you may find that you have had these experiences also.

To have an encounter with the spirit world, it is not necessary to 'see a ghost' draped in some grey or white gown and walking through walls making 'woo woo' sounds. Typically that does not happen except in bad movies. My father moved on from this physical plane a few years ago but he still spends much time with my mother at her house (where he had lived for a while also). Now my mother is a very non-spiritual person who would does not believe in 'that sort of nonsense'. So when he tried to contact my mother by causing the cordless phone to beep as though the buttons were being pressed, my mother blamed the phone. However, this checked out perfectly and only had the fault when my mother was using it, not when anyone else used it. After I asked him to please leave the phone alone, he did so and the interference stopped without anything having been done to the phone. (Note that spirits frequently use electronics to communicate because of the ease with which they can manipulate them. A friend of mine had all her 'dead' relatives playing with her videotape recorder - they wore the heads out in a month!) My mother also saw him very clearly recently in the hallway one night, and spoke to him but heard no reply as he walked past her door.

I had an encounter with the spirit of the deceased 3 year old daughter of one of my clients. The spirit came here during a Journey process and remained after the client had left. She was able to manipulate the stereo. When I put on some music quite loudly and left the room, she turned it right down to zero, then up again to a lower volume. After clearing her from the room, the stereo operated perfectly.

As the spirit world and our physical world are both energy, but at different frequencies, objects in the physical world can pick up the energies of the people who had contact with them. Sometimes these energies are very strong and very negative, for example, if a murder was committed in a house it is very likely that the strong energies present at that time will remian in the house until they are cleared. At a more subtle level, the energy of the previous occupants of a motel room may have remained, especially in the beds, and this may cause you to have a restless night's sleep as your energy body is literally sleeping with many other energy bodies that have remained in the bed. One simple method to help clear these energy bodies from the bed is to place a few drops of lavender oil on the bottom sheet, remake the bed and leave for a few hours.

Land also can accumulate negative energies from past traumatic events. A client of mine made very little progress with healing, so I asked her about her home and family. Her children were frequently sick and had allergies, her dog was sick, the stock on the farm failed to thrive and a horse had died without any reason. I asked about the previous owners and found that the animals and the people had also all had chonic illness. I visited the land and could detect very strong negative energies present. It turned out that the land had been the scene of a massacre in a battle between the indigenous Maori people and British soldiers during the wars in New Zealand in the nineteenth century, and also that there was a Maori burial cave sited just outside the boundary of the property. Once these negative energies were cleared, healing of people and animals was able to commence.

Sometimes the energy which invades a person takes on the form of an entity, the energy body of a person who lived in the past but which has not been able to move on after the 'death' of the body. In the past this has been referred to as being possessed and has been cited as a reason for many crimes that have been committed. A person who has another entity inside them may feel this entity as being something that is foreign there but which they are unable to explain. It will certainly affect whether they are able to heal and the rate at which they heal. Another client of mine mentioned before her Journey process that she felt like there was someone inside her. I was able to identify this entity, have a brief talk with him and then I commanded him to leave, which he did. After that the client was able to have a wonderful Journey process and completely heal.

Therefore, if you sense that all is not well in your world, perhaps you have some negative energy or maybe even an entity which is affecting your energy body and causing you to have chronic dis-ease. Please contact me if you feel that I can help you in any way with regard to your spiritual healing. I look forward to talking with you.
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