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Hands-On Healing

For me, hands-on healing began when I was asked to look at someone's ankle which had been broken and which was still very painful despite the hospital saying it was healed. I placed my hand on the ankle, closed my eyes and found I was able to 'see' what the problem was. I have used that diagnosis technique on many occasions since and each time I 'see' the area with any problems highlighted usually in red, indicating inflammation in soft tissue, or, if a bone is damaged, by bright white light at the site of the damage.

I then can use a variety of healing methods to start or accelerate the healing process. I can channel energy from the Universe into the injured area, with the intention that this energy heal the area, knit bones or reduce inflammation as necessary. As I hold my hand there I can 'see' this happening inside and can direct this energy to move any stuck debris (e.g. haematoma) that may be in the area.

The injury or dis-ease may not only be in the physical body but may also be in the aura and may also be due to malfunctioning chakras. So in addition to the hands-on healing, I will always clear the aura and ensure that chakras are open and balanced.

If you would like to experience hands-on healing for any injury or dis-ease, ask questions about hands-on healing or find out if this healing could help you, please ; I'll look forward to it.
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