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Common problems:

Some of the most common challenges encountered by my clients (and probably the population generally) are those listed below. If you have any of these, they can best be treated by a therapy session, which will allow you to clean out the causes rather than simply treat the symptoms. However, until this happens, the links below will take you to pages which contain suggestions for helping you to deal healthily with these challenges.

Insomnia and sleep disorders:
Do you have difficulty sleeping? Can't turn your brain off? Do you wake in the night and are unable to get back to sleep? Here are some suggestions which may help.

Weight management:
Are you overweight? Do you have difficulty attaining and maintaining a healthy weight? Are you on the diet cycle? These suggestions may help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight without stressful dieting.

Do you suffer from depression? Do you feel tired all the time, can't be bothered, everything is too much effort? Do you take antidepressant medication and want to quit (especially now that it has been shown not to work in the majority of cases)? Here are some suggestions which may help you.

If you have any other challenges which you feel are reasonably common and you would like help and guidance to deal with, please email me so that I can possibly provide information for you. Thank you for your input.
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