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Hi. I'm Alan Willoughby and I live in Tauranga, New Zealand. Lovelight Holistic Health offers integrated, holistic therapy for your body, mind and soul. I am a certified and registered practitioner in The Journey and ThetaHealing™ and can therefore offer you the benefits of these powerful, life-changing modalities. I am also a certified teacher in ThetaHealing™ at Basic, Advanced and Manifesting Abundance levels.

The Journey enables you to change physically and emotionally including Past Life Regression and a variety of short processes to allow you to change phobias, addictions and allergies, and remove or change inappropriate vows.

ThetaHealing™ is a very powerful and effective form of spiritual healing in which I work with the Creator-Of-All-That-Is to change physical aspects of your body and core beliefs that you use to program your responses, and to download feelings into your body which you may not have experienced before (e.g. joy, happiness).

I also use a variety of forms of Energy Healing including Aura Cleansing, Hands-On Healing, Chakra Balancing and Negative Energy and Entity Clearing. Many of these processes are also available using ThetaHealing™, which accomplishes them easily and gracefully. Where beneficial, other modalities are incorporated as required or are suggested as being beneficial.

The Journey

The Journey was developed by Brandon Bays following the processes she used to cause spontaneous remission in her own cancer. During a Journey process you 'travel' deeply within yourself to the seat of the memories or repressed emotional traumas that are manifesting as physical, emotional or mental ailments, illnesses or dis-eases in your life. These repressed emotions are frequently not remembered at the conscious level and in fact may come from a previous lifetime. Clearing memories of these repressed emotions allows you to experience life to the full, as it was meant to be experienced. Clients frequently find that they have a great feeling of lightness and freedom after a Journey, and very often any physical ailments disappear within a few hours or overnight. More details about the Journey can be found here.

The following specific topics relating to the Journey may also be of interest to you:

Current research
Current medical research is discovering some amazing ways in which our thoughts and words influence our bodies, and the effects that these have on our cells, DNA and health. Check out the latest findings in recent research .

Past Life Regression
I believe that this is not the only life you have spent in physical form. You have had many past lives during which you have learnt the lessons from which you are benefiting now. However, as well as learning, you may also have brought negative emotions into this lifetime from previous lifetimes. These emotions can be easily cleared, allowing you to continue your life unimpeded by the past. It is also interesting and fun to find out who you have been. For more information see the past life regression section.

Sport and fitness
The Journey may significantly improve your sport and fitness activities by removing self-imposed limitations and improving your physical strength and stamina. It may even lower your golf handicap! Find out more in the sport and fitness section.

Benefits in business
We would all like to be more productive in our working life, especially if we can do this with less work. Your emotions play a large part in your business success. Find out how the Journey may help you achieve to your highest potential in the Benefits in business section.

Success stories
We all like to hear about success stories. Brandon Bays’ success at causing spontaneous remission in her own cancer is probably one of the greatest. Here are other success stories from Journey healing in my own practice.


ThetaHealing™ was developed by Vianna Stibal by formalising the process she used to effect spontaneous remission in the cancer in her leg. It is a very powerful form of spiritual healing in which the practitioner goes to the 7th Plane of Existence and makes a command to the Creator-Of-All-That-Is to do what is required for that specific healing changes required. Healing changes may be physical, emotional or attitudinal.

At the physical level, this may be to assist a bone to knit together, a wound to heal, particular glands to rejuvenate themselves, pain to be released and relieved, or for any of a myriad of other physical functions to be restored or changed.

At the emotional level, healing changes may occur when core beliefs are changed. Beliefs associated with the illness or dis-ease are tested to determine if the client holds these beliefs, and then the most basic core beliefs are changed to healthy, positive and life-affirming beliefs. E.g. the common belief "I'm not good enough" can be changed to "I am good enough", the surprisingly common belief with repeat broken relationships "People who love me leave me" can be changed to "People who love me stay with me and share their love with me." Emotional healing changes are often assisted when feelings are 'downloaded' so that you know what it feels like to have a feeling, e.g. if you had the belief that you were not good enough, you may not know what it felt like to be good enough, so that feeling can be installed.

ThetaHealing™ can also be used to provide readings for clients, for bringing healing to a client's soul, and for gaining information from their ancestors, spiritual guides and guardian angels. These processes can provide valuable insight into the past, present and future for the client. ThetaHealing™ procedures can also be used when undertaking energy healing (outlined below) because the Creator can simply do the work required.

As a Certified ThetaHealing™ teacher, I have taught DNA 1&2 Basic, DNA2 Advanced and Manifesting Abundance courses. Although I no longer teach these course (due to time constraints), I can assist those people wishing to undertake these courses by recommending teachers in their area.

Energy healing

Energy Healing uses a series of modalities which enable me to work with your own energy to detect and treat dis-ease both within your physical body and within your aura, the energy field that surrounds your physical body. This entails removing any negative energy and focusing Universal healing energy to reduce the effects of this dis-ease. I am able to use several methods of energy healing:

Aura Healing
Aura healing was developed by Colin Lambert, who demonstrated this healing method worldwide using the term magnetic healing. (No magnets as we know them are used, so the term aura healing is used here to avoid confusion with practitioners who do use actual magnets to heal.) It is based on the belief that illnesses, dis-ease and injuries due to accidents appear in both a person's aura and in their physical body. Therefore, by removing these causes of illness from the aura, they either do not manifest in the body or, if they are already in the body, they can rapidly, often instantaneously, reduce their effect on your body. Because the healer only works on the spiritual body, not the physical, it is possible to undertake these processes when the physical body is not present, in which case it is generally called absent healing. More information about aura healing and absent healing can be found here.

Hands-On Healing
Hands-on healing is a process in which I place my hands on the affected part of your body and use higher intuitive perception to 'see' what is happening inside your body. I can then focus energy frequencies on that area and assist it to begin the healing process. Once that has started, I will instruct that part of the body to continue healing perfectly and automatically by itself. This is very beneficial for injuries and for chronic pain that has been unresponsive to other forms of treatment. Where it will be beneficial, the body's own healing processes are supported by recommendations for the use of appropriate herbal and other natural remedies and for visits to asppropriatlely qualified practitioners. More information about hands-on healing can be found here.

Chakra Balancing
Traditional healing, especially in Eastern cultures, envisage 7 chakras or energy centres located down the centre-line of your body which are important to your health. Over time, and with the stresses of modern life, these chakras may become blocked and be unable to function normally, potentially causing ill-health and certainly causing you to feel less energised than you could. Chakra balancing ensures that all your chakras are open, strong, balanced one with another and able to function effectively. After this process your body can become fully energised and stay in a healthy state by itself. As it is the energy body, not the physical body, which is being worked on, chakra balancing can take place using absent healing. More information about chakra balancing can be found here.

Energy and Entity Clearing
Sometimes negative energy can stay behind after people have moved on. This can happen when you buy something secondhand, particularly a house but also furniture or clothing. Sometimes also an entity may take up residence inside your body, which may cause you to feel very tired, to lack energy, and possibly behave in ways that you normally would not behave. These energies and entities can be cleared, allowing you to be totally free from the energy associated with them and able to live your own life in freedom and peace. For more information see the section relating to clearing energy and entities.

Other information

Also on this website is general information relating to your health and processes which may influence your health. Check out the following for the latest in scientific and medical research relating to our bodies and for other topics of interest to you.

Health quiz
How healthy are you really? Many of the habits you have, the food you eat and the way you live may be detrimental to your health. Some of the so-called "healthy practices" and "healthy foods" may not be as healthy as first thought. You can find out how healthy you are likely to be by taking the simple health quiz.

Healing and inspirational stories
We frequently learn best from thought-provoking stories, hence the importance in reading healthy stories to children. Here are some healthy, thought-provoking healing stories for adults who enjoy learning in this way. Enjoy!

Other healing modalities may be very beneficial to healing your illness. If you wish to pursue other therapies, here are several useful sites which may help you.

Frequently asked questions
We all have questions about new things, and for many the Journey and Energy Healing are new. Here are the answers to some of the questions I have been asked most frequently about these healing processes.

It is my firm belief that maintaining your own health is closely related to your attitudes towards others and towards our planet Earth. Eating fresh organic produce grown in your own natural garden environment is far more healthy than purchasing produce from the supermarket, which has probably been sprayed with all sorts of poisons and may be several days old. As well, you gain from the relaxation afforded by gentle productive activity and from the satisfaction of having grown your own food, with consequent savings in money and in pollution of planet Earth. Find out more about using permaculture to grow your own food healthily and naturally in your own garden.

I hope you enjoy browsing this site and that you find the healing and health that you want in your life. I am very happy to answer questions specific to your problems or to discuss healing or permaculture matters with you via email or telephone.

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